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1983-1991 Haynes Repair Manual - Toyota Camry -


1983-1991 Haynes Repair Manual - Toyota Camry - #92005

Item is the 1983-1991 Haynes Automotive Repair Manual - Toyota Camry. This manual is based on a complete vehicle teardown and rebuild. This manual DOES NOT include information on diesel-engined models . The manual as shown in the picture for this listing is the ACTUAL manual listed for sale! The automotive manuals we sell are from the actual original press run - used, not a reprint. In addition, the manuals are complete - with front and back covers - generally without extra staples, rips, tears or other markings. Often we purchase manuals that have been used by a repair shop. These manuals may include cover staining due to exposure to moisture and/or petroleum products as well some dirt along the page edges and/or smudging. We will ALWAYS discount those manuals that are deemed to be less than our usual "good" condition. The overall condition of this manual is good. 




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