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1. Output Voltage: 12V

2. LED quantity: 1 LED, 3W output

3. Fittable BMW model:

E39 ('01-'03)

E53 ('04-'06)

E65 ('02-'08)

E66 ('02-'08)

E60 ('04-'06)

E61 ('04-'06)

E63 ('04-'07.6)

E64 ('04-'07.6)

E87 ('04-'06)

4. No flickers, no errors, no warnings, no interference to FM radio.

5. Super bright in daytime,No DIM anymore

6.It's 3W each bulb,but do not worry about the heat,the special aluminium design is enough to bear the  high temperature.

7. Size: 7cm in length, 25mm diameter of head, 19mm length in head, 41mm diameter of black part

8. Color: Crystal white (7000K)

9. Plug & Play, easy install

10. Package: 1set contains 2pcs LED bulb, 2pcs wires


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