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Portable, durable and waterproof
4 Functions: torch, Beacon light, belt cutter, emergency hammer
Torch: super bright LED and low consumption
Beacon light: With a magnatic base, can be attached firmly to any iron objects including car roof, gives out emergency signals and ask for help
Belt cutter: cut the safety belt easily in traffic accident when the safety belt cannot be released
Emergency hammer: break windows of car in case of being locked

Torch: 1 * white LED
Beacon light: 9 * red LED
Item length: 7.7in / 19.5cm
Item weight: 4.23oz / 120g
Package size: 9.8*4*1.8in / 25*10*4.5cm(approx.)
Power supply: 2 * AA batteries(Not included)
Package Included:
1 * Emergency Torch Hammer

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