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Illuminated on/off switch.
40A Power Relay. 
30A Blade Fuse.
More than 8ft of wiring. 
2 sets of power connectors to light fixtures. 
Perfect accessory for off road vehicles, working vehicles, and any automobile that could use a relay to power specific equipment. 
Simplifies the installation process of powering various equipment on all automobiles. 

Color: Black 
Wattage: MAX?300W 
Amps: 40A 
Fuse: 30A 
Connection Mode: Red (+) Black (-) 
Operation Voltage: 10-30V DC 
Cable Length: > 300cm / > 118.1in
Package Weight: 415g / 14.6oz
Package Size: 17 * 9 * 6cm / 6.6 * 3.5 * 2.3in

Package Include:
1 * Relay ON/OFF Switch 

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