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The shell is made of PVC material, which can be bent freely and has the characteristic of high and low temperature resistance and waterproof function.
With the wireless remote to control power switch (C button), color changing and flashing mode (B button), and to choose colorful gradient mode (D button), voice-activated mode (A button).
Press A button once to enter voice-activated mode, then press the A button again to exit it.
This kit has 3 main color (red, blue, green) LEDs and it can create 7 colors when they alternate.
The LEDs are glued to the LED strips with strong adhesive, not easy to shed.
2 pieces 36" 54-LED and 48" 72-LED waterproof LED strips, bright and colorful.
Under voice-activated mode, the color will change with the rhythm of the music, increasing your night driving pleasure.
Easy to install and use, quite a good product to decorate you car!

Operating voltage: 10V-15V
Max power rate: 12W
Light color: 7 colors—Red, Green, Blue, Yellow (Green+Red), Magenta (Red+Blue), Cyan (Blue+Green), White (Red+Green+Blue)
Shell material: PVC
Length: about 120cm (48") & 90cm (36")
Item color: Black
Product total weight: 680g / 1.49lb
Package weight: 802g / 1.77lb
Package size: 27 * 27 * 6.5cm / 10.63 * 10.63 * 2.56in
Package includes:
2 * 48" (120cm) 72-LED waterproof LED strips
2 * 36" (90cm) 54-LED waterproof LED strips
1 * Control Receiver Box
1 * Wireless Remote with 4 Buttons
1 * User Manual

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