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Super bright 55W HID Xenon Kit, low power consumption and high efficiency.
Xenon's bright white light is close to natural daylight, which can improve visibility at night or bad weather.
Anti-UV pure quartz bulb: high rigidity, great light penetrability, heat and cold resistant, no implosion.
Long lifetime: Xenon lights can last about 5000 hours.
Ballast with aluminum case: waterproof, anti-shock and low-voltage protection.
Plug & play: easy to install and no modification required.

Model: 9006
Power consumption: 55W
Input voltage: 9-16V
Input current: 10A max.
Working voltage: 13.5V
Working current: 4.2A
Ignition voltage: 23kV
Color temperature: 6000K
Luminous flux: 3500±200LM
Operating temperature: -40~105Centigrade
Product weight: 390g / 13.8oz
Package size: 32 * 21 * 6cm / 12.6 * 8.8 * 2.4in
Package weight: 600g / 21.2oz
Package List:
2 * Xenon HID Bulb
2 * Digital HID Ballast

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