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Maksimi latausvirta 10A. Lataa kaikki 12V lyijyakut . Soveltuu akun normaalin lataamisen lisäksi pitkäaikaiseen ylläpitolataukseen. Voidaan käyttää myös syväpurkatuneen akun elvytykseen ja sulfatoituneen akun herätykseen.


220V Input 10A 12V Car Battery Charger Motorcycle Charger 12V Lead Acid Charger EU Plug hot selling


Professionally designed according to the power battery of electric vehicles equipment

Uses the advanced soft switch technology, small size, convenient allation, high conversion efficiency, running fully loaded for a long time, stable output current, large capacity, high reliability, long life, etc.

With short-circuited protect, low voltage protect, overheated protect.

The long delay digital counter can ensure the battery from the constant voltage to the float charge reliability every time

Avoid the lost control of battery hat caused by the high temperature

Let the damage of battery drop to the lowest caused by the dehydration and the polar plate vulcanize which are the two common problems of chargers.



Item Name: 12V 10A Lead Acid Battery Charger

Input Voltge: 220V

No-load Voltage: 13.8V

Rated Power: 47-63Hz

Rated Charging Range: 12V 50AH-105AH battery

Constant Charging Voltage: 14.5-14.8V

Constant Charging Current: 10A±5%

Operating Temperature: -40~+105°C

Charging Mode: Three Stages

Size: 130*95*55mm

Weight: Approx 620g

Universal for 12V battery

Plug Standard: EU


Constant Current Mode: When the battery voltage is lower than the charger voltage is set constant current charging mode, the battery charger provides constant charging current.


Constant Voltage Mode: Using pulse width modulation technology, precise control of the charger charging current and output voltages to ensure a fully charged battery is charged, to avoid overcharging.


Float Mode: When the battery voltage approaches the set voltage constant voltage charging mode, the charging current is reduced to set current time, battery power has been filled, the light turns green, the cooling fan stopped working. Charger automatically charging mode to trickle charge the float mode. The battery can be disconnected, or continue to float.


Package Content:

1x 12V 10A Lead Acid Battery Charger(EU Plug)



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