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Multifunctions: MP3 player, MP4 player, SD Card Reader, FM Transmitter.
Matched with a remote control.
12-24 volt wireless transmission.
With 206 FM Channels.
Support SD/MMC expansion card (1GB-8GB)(SD Card is not included)
Easy operation.
Decent and fashionable design.
High quality.
An ideal companion in your car to let your enjoy videos, pictures, music, and FM radio more freely.

Power: Through cigarette lighter of your car
Remote control battery: CR2025 button battery
Color: Black
Player weight: 42g
Remote control weight: 14g
Player screen size: 1.8"
Remote control size: 81 x 40 x 7mm
Package weight: 100g

Package Content:
1 x Car MP4 Player
1 x Remote Control

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