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Hands Free V2-1000A BT 1000M Motorcycle Bluetooth3.0 Multi Interphone Headsets Helmet Intercom


Maximum talking range 1000 meters between two riders.
Works as bluetooth handsfree for cell phone at a range of up to 10 meters.
Wireless communication between 2 riders via bluetooth system.
Wireless headset for bluetooth enable cell phone at a range of up to 10 meters.
Bike-to-bike intercom for rider& passenger or two separate bikes up to 1000 meters.
Up to 10 hours talk time when matching  cell phone.
Up to 6 hours talk time when it is used as a the intercom.
Standby time up to 300 hours.
Receive a cell phone call automatically once you have connected it to your phone via bluetooth.
Dial the last number
Support audio transfer.
Once this product pair your phone, you can use it listening music, answering phone.
Enjoy the cell phone music through A2DP or connecting GPS via bluetooth.
Control cell phone music through AVRCP: forward, backward, play, pause
Automatically switching from bluetooth cell phone, intercom, stereo music.
With DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology, crystal clear voice quality is guaranteed in a high speed.
Button panel is water-proof and sun-proof, while the material is durable.

Talking Range for 2 riders: 1000m (ideal environment)
Talking time: up to 6hours
Color: Black
Bluetooth: 3.0
Input: AC 110-220V
Output: DC 5V
Standby time: 300 hours
Model Number: V2-1000A
Battery: 370 mAh rechargeable Lithium battery
Product size: Approx. 8.2 * 3.3 * 2.6cm / 3.2 * 1.3 * 1.0in
Product weight: Approx. 38g / 1.3oz (one)
Package size: 16.6 * 11.8 * 5.2cm / 6.5 * 4.6 * 2.0in
Package weight: Approx.325g / 11.5oz

Note: Helmet is not included.

Package list:
1 * Bluetooth headset recievers
1 * Stereo Headphones
1 * Rubber Clip Spacers
1 * Metal screw driver
1 * Charger adapter
4 * Magic tape
1 * USB Cable
1 * User manual(English)

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