This is a high quality and super bright LED car light.
Small and exquisite appearance with existing socket, just plug and play.
Light up without delay, optical purity, color and penetration.
Long service life, high luminous efficiency.
Energy saving, stable performance.
Nonpolarity No +/-.
Green and environment-friendly products, safe and reliable.

Note: Please confirm whether this light fits your vehicle before buying.

Light color: White
LED type: Osram
LED quantity: 16
Socket type: 9006
Power: 80W
Voltage: 12-30V
Lumen: 800-900Lm
Item size: 6.2 * 1.8cm / 2.44 * 0.71in (Max length * head diameter)
Item weight: 32g / 1.11oz
Package includes:
1 * LED Car Light

Takuu: 6kk 


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