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Widely used for car, bus, truck, caravan, trailer or anywhere you need to run a high current power supply safely with a solid connection. With manual reset button.
Surface mount, protective stud insulator included.
With Red manual reset button.
Widely used for used for car, bus, truck, caravan, trailer, etc.
Overload current protection.

Color: black
Rating: 50A, 100A, 150A(optional)
Manufacture Part Number:
50A: F433-50A, 100A: F433-100A, 150A: F433-150A
Interrupt Capacity: 3000A @ 48 Vdc
Splash and Dust Proof: IP67 grade
Operating Temperature: -32? to 82?
Storage  Temperature: -34? to 149 ?
Package size: 8 * 5 * 5cm / 3.2 * 2 * 2in    
Package weight: Approx. 110g / 3.9oz

Package List:
1 * Circuit Breaker




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