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34 LEDs in total - 17 in each unit.
Each unit has 8 yellow LEDs for indicators, 6 red LEDs for brake light and 3  white LEDs for number plate light.
All-in-one unit can function as a tail light, brake light, number plate light & indicators.
All-in-one unit secures more safety.
Compatible with most motorcycles, quads & ATVs.
Black body with red lens.
Installation method may change according to requirements of customer.
Shockproof design, compact structure, light weight.
Low power consumption, saving energy. 

Type: Rear light
Compatible models: motorcycles, quads & ATVs
Working voltage: 12V
Color: red
Item weight: 262g / 9.2oz
Package dimensions: 17.5 * 6.8 * 10.4cm / 6.9 * 2.7 * 4.1in
Package weight: 305g / 10.8oz
Package List:
1 * Multifunction rear light

Takuu: 6kk 


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