Suzuki TS 125-A - suomenkielinen esite vuodelta 1973 (?). Klikkaa kuva isommaksi (tuote myydään kuvan kaltaisena ja kuvan osoittamassa kunnossa).

The Suzuki TS series is a family of two-stroke, dual-sport motorcycles produced by Suzuki Motors from 1969 to 2005 and sold in several different countries. Most of the TS line had an air-cooled engine and most models were introduced alongside the closely related TM (Motocross) or TC (Trail) models, also the DS (for Dirt Sport, which had no turn signals, and simplified lighting) which in most cases shared engine and chassis designs. Suzuki's first motocross bike, the TM250, was introduced in 1968, and a de-tuned version was introduced as the TS250 just a year later in 1969.The TS series were the first Suzuki trail bikes sold on the mass market. They were robust ,reliable and performed well. They were best suited to unsealed roads or off road in dry conditions-the limit being the lack of tyre grip with the standard tyre. Possibly the pick of the models was the TS185 which had the weight of the 125 and nearly the power of the 250 but with a much more free reving motor.The larger Ts series ,125 and over had piston port engines while the smaller TS serier-90 and 100 had rotary valve induction. A factory race kit was available for the TS90 which consisted of an expansion chamber,light piston and rings,carburetor and harder(colder range) plug and head which increased the size to 100cc.Different gearing was available for most models.

Esitteen koko: 14,5 cm (L) x 21,0 cm (K)

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Hakukusanat: Suzuki kevari satapiikki 70's 70-luku 1973 1972 seventies piikki prätkä moottoripyörä esite tekniset tiedot esittely mainos vintage muisto nostalgia nostalginen retro moto motocross maasto japani japan kaksitahti suomen kielinen kotimainen

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