Manufacturer    :    Barnet Ensign Ross
Produced    :    1953
Classification    :    Medium Format
Body Type    :    Pseudo Twin Lens Reflex
Construction    :    Metal
Film Type    :    120
Film Width    :    62mm
Image Size    :    2¼ x 2¼ in
No. of Images    :    12
Lens Type    :    Meniscus
Focal Length    :    90mm
Focus Type    :    Variable
Focal Range    :    2m - inf.
Aperture Type    :    fixed
Aperture    :    f/11
Shutter Type    :    leaf
Shutter Speeds    :    I*(1/40 sec), B
Size (w x h x d)    :    80 x 102 x 108 mm
Weight    :    420g

Produced after the main Art Deco period.
Streamlined rounded corners.
Bakelite lens plate
Pressed steel body, cast viewfinder.
Chrome embellishments.

Often referred to as Art Deco, this camera sits better in the Streamline Moderne category. Streamline Moderne is a late type of the Art Deco design style that emerged in the 1930s in America and continued into the 1940s. The style emphasized curving forms. The camera embraced the principals of streamlining as suggested by the American designer Harold van Doren in his book 'Streamlining in Industrial Design' of 1940. The original camera having this style was produced in 1946 for the 'Britain Can Make It' exhibition that was held at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The large viewfinder is on the top of the camera - hence the name Ful-Vue. The viewfinder is easy to use and is exceptionally bright. The camera can be described as a pseudo twin lens reflex camera. It isn't a true TLR because the top lens is just part of the viewfinder and does not aid focussing. The film transport system is removed from the side when a knob is turned to release it on the other side of the camera. A knob is used to advance the film and proper framing is acheived by the use of a red window on the rear of the camera. Focus is achieved by turning the lens bezel on the front of the camera and the focus range is from 2ft to Infinity. A tripod mount is found on the base.

Shutter speed is fixed at about 1/40s with the aperture fixed at f/11. The shutter is released by pushing a lever below the lens upward. A switch provides for 'bulb' shutter mode.

User manual is here: https://www.cameramanuals.org/pdf_files/ful-vue_guide.pdf

Condition is perfect, it was a part of photographer's collection.
The camera seems to function properly, nothing was discovered to malfunction or get stuck. 
Warranty not provided.

NOTE: Exposed film inside.

art deco,camera,vintage,photo,bakelit

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