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Kuvanmukainen. Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. Pinball Master 3D behaves like a real pinball game, thanks to the 3D real time simulation. Play alone and develop your reflexes or challenge your friends with multiplayer mode. The graphics, slopes, music and other realistic sound effects enable you to rediscover all the sensations of playing a pinball game on your computer. 3 levels of difficulty – easy, intermediate and hard. Multiplayer mode 1 - 4 players. Use the 3D zoom to view the game from different angles. Realistic music and sound effects. Automatically records your best scores. Pinball Master 3D contains 3 different pinball tables: Space – fight the invading Aliens in order to save the planet. Western – visit the plains of the Far West. Football – become champion of the football world.

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