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It can change the DC 12V into 220V output.
Operated with your car cigarette socket, it is suitable for all kinds of cars.
Supply high anion quantity of 150 million/cm3 to purify the air in your car.
The inverter can work while car motor is operating or flame-out.
The AC 220V power adapter can be widely used in electrical apparatus, eg, portable computer.
With a USB port, it can directly charge your iPod, MP3 player, mobile phone, PDA, etc.
The universal output socket can be used in many countries.
Five protection function, i.e. overload, high temperature, short-circuit, overpressure, and under voltage, it is safer and more reliable and it won't cause any damage to your car or the external electrical equipment.

Color: silvery and black
Anion quantity: 150 million/cm3
Continuous power: 150W
The maximum power: 200W
Input voltage: DC 12V
Output voltage: AC 220V ±5 percent
USB output: 5V, MAX: 500mA
Output frequency: 50HZ
Conversion efficiency: >90%
No-load current: Low-pressure protect: 10V (less than about 10V automatic shutoff, ensure the normal work of the battery)
High temperature protection: >60?
Shell material: aluminium magnesium alloy
Item size: 12.6 * 6.5cm (L * D)
Item weight: 349g
Package size: 24.8 * 14.3 * 8cm
Package weight: 453g
Package including:
1 * Power Inverter + Oxygen Bar

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