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3 X CD Upfront House - Dega Dance House Anthems

Release Year: 2001



1.   Sing It Back - Moloko (Boris Dlugosch Musical mix)
2.   Pasilda - Afro Medusa (Knee Deep Club mix)
3.   You Should Be - Blockster (Blockster Club Mix)
4.   Hold On - Jose Nunez/Ochtavia (Jose's 2000 Vocal mix)
5.   Is It Love - Chili Hi Fly (Chris & James Club remix)
6.   Feelin (Clap Your Hands) - Rhythmatic Junkies
7.   Club Fiesta - Club Fiesta
8.   Taking You Down - Boogie Tunes
9.   Your Love Is What I Need - Class a
10.   Happy Days - PJ
11.   Everybody Get Up - Capriccio (Richard F Club Edit)


1.   Can't Get Enough - Soul Searcher (Vocal Club Edit)
2.   What You Need - Powerhouse/Duane Harden
3.   Makes Me Love You - Eclipse
4.   Feel the Same - Triple X (Xtended mix)
5.   I Got This Feelin - Baby Bumps (G-Club Classic Vocal remix)
6.   Down Down Down - Gambafreaks
7.   Hazin & Phazin - The Choo Choo Project
8.   Do You Love Me - DJ Phenix
9.   Happiness (My Vision Is Clear) - Bini & Martini (David Morales remix)
10.   Fool For Love - Russel (M&S Y2k Klub mix)
11.   Freakin' Sound - Earl


1. Bonus Mix CD - DJ Alive

DJ Alive has selected the most uplifting house anthems for this special

Bonus mix aimed straight for the dancefloor. Alive blends together a mix

That brings the true spirit of hands-in -the-air hedonism with cuts that have

been rocking every club dancefloor in the country. Get ready to rock !

Album Notes
3CD's of upfront house featuring tracks from Moloko, Eclipse, Afro Medusa, Powerhouse and many others. DJ Alive has selected the most uplifting house

anthems for this special bonus mix aimed straight for the dancefloor.

The triple CD set DECADANCE HOUSE ANTHEMS brings together 23 slammin' house cuts from the likes of Moloko, Eclipse, Afro Medusa, and Powerhouse, among others.

3 X CD-levyn kunto on hyvä.

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