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"Meet Angie, Odette, Carys, Cleo, Fotina and Kiki. These horny lesbians all share the same sexual appetite and they unleash it in ways you've never seen before! Blonde bombshell Odette and busty brunette Angie leave no stone unturned in their perverted sex, including hot oral sex, red-hot anal sex and erotic fingering. Sweet, shy and seductive; not only do Carys and Cleo look alike, they also enjoy slow, sensual touching, rubbing and sucking during this romantic love play. Fotina and Kiki are a feast for the eyes in this interracial mating. The girls waste no time in devouring each other's bodies and experiencing sharp, poignant orgasms. Check out the open interviews and learn more about the girls, as well as our exciting trailers and behind-the-scenes footage to see how it all works."

Angie & Odette, Fotina & Kiki, Carys & Cled.

Categories: All Girl / Lesbian, Amateur, Australia, Petite

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