Addo - The African King DVD.

Valmistusvuosi: 2002
Tekstitys: suomi, ruotsi,..
Kannet: englanti

Addo - The African King follows the harsh and competitive life of Addo, a male lion born into a successful pride. In his early days, life in the pride is easy and food is plentiful. In his second year, the rains fail to come and his life changes forever. Food becomes scarce and tension spreads through the pride. Competition is fierce. When two strange males invade, life, as Addo knows it, is over and he is forced to flee. Alone and inexperienced, Addo’s wanderings take him on a journey of life or death. Africa is a cruel teacher, and he must learn to survive in a difficult and dangerous world. After many miles and many fights, Addo comes across another wandering lion and they make a pact. Together they brave the ruthless existence that living in the wilderness brings forth. Addo and his companion are the fortunate ones, through cunning and skill, they achieve their greatest aim--to take over a pride and father cubs. Through astoundingly beautiful images, Addo - The African King reveals the real and unpolished story of the harsh power struggle in the world of beasts.     

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