Täydellinen hard core punk debyytti. Pitää olla. Tässä levyllä bonarina perässä Welcome to reality EP!!!

Adolescents (often called The Blue Album) is the eponymous debut studio album by the Orange County punk rock band the Adolescents, released in May 1981 by Frontier Records. The album boasts an all-star cast, featuring three past Social Distortion members, (Rikk Agnew, Frank Agnew and Casey Royer); former Agent Orange bassist Steve Soto; and a previously unknown singer named Tony Cadena. It was the only Adolescents album co-produced by Mike Patton (not to be confused with the lead singer of Faith No More) and Thom Wilson. It was also the band's only album released before their five-year hiatus.

Released during the breakthrough era for hardcore punk, the album brought the band a small amount of success in their hometown as they started to gather a following. "Amoeba" was released as a radio single to promote the album. Adolescents is now considered a classic punk album by fans and critics alike. In California punk sales, it second only to the Dead Kennedys' Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables.



Session vocalists



  • Danny Benair – backing vocals
  • Jeff Beans – backing vocals
  • Mike Patton – backing vocals

1–AdolescentsI Hate Children1:44

2–AdolescentsWho Is Who1:22

3–AdolescentsWrecking Crew2:06

4–AdolescentsL.A. Girl1:46

5–AdolescentsSelf Destruct0:47

6–AdolescentsKids Of The Black Hole5:26

7–AdolescentsNo Way2:00


9–AdolescentsWord Attack1:05

10–AdolescentsRip It Up2:10


12–AdolescentsNo Friends2:29


Welcome To Reality EP

14–AdolescentsWelcome To Reality2:10

15–AdolescentsLosing Battle1:32

16–AdolescentsThings Start Moving3:05


1981, 1990 Frontier records

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