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Relationship of Command is the third studio album by the post-hardcore band At the Drive-In, and was released in September 2000. The band reached mainstream success through the album, if only for a short time before their break-up in 2001.

The album combines an aggressive hardcore edge with a melodic drive, harmonious and emotive vocals, and surreal lyrics. While the album continues in the alternative style of At the Drive-In's previous albums, Relationship of Command is seen as a more well-rounded album than its predecessors. Initially received positively by critics, the album is now seen not only as one of the most influential post-hardcore albums of the decade but also as one of the most accomplished recent works in the wider rock spectrum. Relationship of Command was voted 12th out of 50 in the Albums of the Decade by NME and the 37th most influential album of all time by Kerrang!

1."Arcarsenal"  2:55

2."Pattern Against User"  3:17

3."One Armed Scissor"  4:19

4."Sleepwalk Capsules"  3:27

5."Invalid Litter Dept."  6:05

6."Mannequin Republic"  3:02

7."Enfilade"  5:01

8."Rolodex Propaganda"  2:55

9."Quarantined"  5:24

10."Cosmonaut"  3:23

11."Non-Zero Possibility"  5:36

Re-release bonus tracks

12."Extracurricular"  3:59

13."Catacombs" (Originally appeared on a Thick Records split 7" with Burning Airlines' The Deluxe War Baby.)4:14


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