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A Great First Activity Toy: This Baby Track Fun Garage is great for your little toddler! It is a garage full of mechanical activities for endless fun, sliding the car up and down along the path!

An Entertaining Car Toy: The car included in this playset, will topple over on its way down the path, doing exciting somersaults and it is up to your child to make sure the car makes it all the way! 

Use The Car Elevator: Wow, the Baby Track Fun Garage also has a car elevator that your child can use to transport the car to the roof! Along the way, the child can operate level crossings, stop to refuel and pass the car through the car wash rollers.

Helps To Develop Your Child: This Baby Track Fun Garage will not only entertain your baby, but it will also help to promote your child's manual skills and tactile perception.



  • Material: Plastic
  • Recommended Age: + 18 Months
  • Battery operated: No
  • Product Name: Baby Track Fun Garage
  • Type: Garage Toy, Car Toy, Building Toy

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