Its an entry level hockey game where you can create your own hockey team with crazy power-ups and fun humour where all of the players are kids! This new edition of Backyard Hockey has Mats Sundin as the cover star! The bestselling sports brand for kids is now launched in Nordic. The Backyard - series has sold 7.5 million units in the US! Officially licensed by the NHL and the National Hockey League Players Association, Backyard Hockey 2005 features all 30 NHL teams and 10 playable NHL pros as kids including highlight players Nicklas Lidström and Mats Sundin! In addition, players can earn the ability to "unlock" four NHL All-Star players. Backyard Hockey 2005 will feature 3-on-3 action (plus goalies) in which young gamers will be able to customize the colors of players uniforms, select lineups (from the 30 Backyard Kids and the kid-sized NHL pros), or create and save multiple custom players and watch their skills improve over time. Features: All new 3D action - pro rosters - rinks, menus, gameplay. Teams - Choose from 30 Backyard Kids or 10 PROs. NHL - All 30 National Hockey League Teams! 3 Ways to Play - Quick Game, Single or a Season. Cool Rinks - Choose from 9 different rinks. Stats - Track Player and Team Stats in Season Play. Custom Players - Whos skills increase with more experience. 2 Player Mini Games - Play mini-games against a friend. Unlockables - Unlock players, accessories, and new rinks. 10 Pros - Martin Brodeur, Roman Cechmanek, Nicklas Lidstrom, Brian Leetch, Paul Kariya, Marian Gaborik, Ilya Kovalchuck, Mike Modano, JoeThornton, Mats Sundin. 4 Surprise Unlockable Players.

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