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CJ Wardin eli CJ Ramonen bändin Bad Chopperin eka pitkäsoitto. Mukana myös Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers mies Walter Lure. Tuotannosta on vastannut Daniel Rey. 12 biisiä tehokasta katurokkia. Levyt siis tietysti ihan uusia. Ei ole paha hinta tästä rykäyksestä!
"Terminal Boredomin arvio levystä:
To say I was skeptical before popping this disc into my CD player would be a vast understatement. Bad Chopper is CJ Ramone?s new band and the first thing I looked at was the name of the band, which is not exactly my idea of a very good band name, and the fact that it?s another new band featuring another ex-Ramone, which often means you should immediately induce vomiting before taking the CD out of the player and throwing it frisbee style into the wall to shatter it into a million pieces. Like I said, I was skeptical. Very skeptical. So to say that I was pleasantly surprised when I pressed the play button and the sound that came screeching out of my speakers is also a vast understatement. The sound that shot through my room and into my ears was good. Real good. The songs were catchy, loud, ballsy, straight to the point, fun, angry, emotional, aggressive, simple, and though somewhat Ramonesy there?s a great mix of garage and hardcore thrown in there to satisfy. CJ?s screechy vocals accompany the music perfectly and the band, which features Mark from Out Cold and GG Allin on drums, guitar and vocals, and legendary Heartbreakers? guitarist Walter Lure on a couple tracks, is as solid a lineup as you could ask for in a punk rock band. Produced by legendary Ramones producer Daniel Rey. Twelve songs all in all and not a single stinker. Grab this up ASAP!"

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