Baloji: KINSHASA SUCCURSALE. 2010 EMI Music Belgium. Kongolaissyntyisen Baloji´n toinen sooloalbumi. CD-levy taskumallisessa pahvikotelossa.

1. Le Jour d'Après / Siku You Baabaye (Indépendance Cha-Cha) - 3:47
2. Tshena Ndekela / Entre Les Lignes (avec Monik Tenday) - 4:51
3. Karibu Ya Bintou (avec ? Konono n°1) - 6:30
4. Congo Eza Ya Biso (Le Secours Populaire) (avec La Chorale de La Grâce) - 5:03
5. De l'Autre Côté De La Mère - 4:49
6. A l'Heure d'Eté / Saison Sèche (avec Larousse Marciano) - 4:44
7. La Petite Espèce (Bumbafu Version) - 4:56
8. Nazongi Ndako (Part 1) (avec Zaïko Langa-Langa et Amp Fiddler) - 2:33
9. Nazongi Ndako (Part 2) (avec Royce Mbumba) - 2:59
10. Kyniwa-Kyniwa (avec Bebson De La Rue) - 2:29
11. Genese 89 - 2:01
12. Tout Ceci Ne Vous Rendra Pas Le Congo (Part 1) - 4:07
13. Kesho (Part 2) (avec Moise Ilunga) - 3:02
Bonus: video Karibu ya Bintou

"In this second album, innovative Belgian-Congolese artist Baloji lays the foundations for a futuristic style of African, post-hip hop sound which brings together all the musical elements which nurtured him to date. "Kinshasa Succursale" ("Kinshasa Branch Office") is a truly tri-continental affair, which draws equally from European rock & pop, US soul, funk & hip hop, and a wide variety of Congolese genres. The album features contributions from some of the finest musicians from Kinshasa, including Konono No.1, soukous stars Zaïko Langa Langa, American soul maverick Amp Fiddler, brass band Fanfare La Confiance, the choir Choeur La Grâce and many more."

Baloji (born 12 Septembre 1978 in Lubumbashi, Congo) is a Belgian rapper, MC and hip hop artist of Congolese origin. Known as MC Balo in the hip hop group Starflam, he continued as solo artist starting 2004. Baloji's musical evolution is a reflection of his life story: born in the Democratic Republic of Congo (then called Zaire), he arrived in Belgium with his father at the age of 4,  and grew up in Liège. As a young adolescent, he discovered hip-hop, a passion for tagging, rap & dance. At 15 he joined the the Starflam Collective, a figurehead of Belgian hip-hop, who released a platinum selling disc Survivant (2001). Baloji quit the group in 2004 after a number of interpersonal disagreements and turned his back on music. His first solo recording, Hotel Impala (2008), is coloured with influences of soul, afrobeat, and hip-hop. The album won two Octaves de la music (a Belgian equivalent to the Grammys) as well as the Rapsat-Lelièvre Prize and the Ledocq-Brassens prize for lyric writing. Other soloalbums: Kinshasa Succursale (2010), 64 Bits and Malachite (2015).


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