Sally Beauman: Rebeccas tale

  • Tame Warner paperback, reprint 2002
  • englanninkielinen pokkari, yli 3 cm paksu, 625 sivua
  • Pientä kulumaa kannen kulissa. Hyväkuntoinen kirja.

Englanninkielinen romaani on mysteeriluontoinen vapaasti luettava jatko-osa du Maurierin kuuluisalle romaanille Rebekka (eng. Rebecca)

The book is a sequel to the Daphne du Maurier novel Rebecca and is officially approved by the Du Maurier estate. It continues the original plot and is also roughly consistent with the 1993 sequel Mrs de Winter by Susan Hill. The novel summaries the original events from Rebecca to the extent where it can be read alone, though reading it as a sequel is preferable.

The main story is set about two decades after the death of the ravishingly beautiful yet evil Rebecca de Winter and follows the attempts of the former magistrate Colonel Julyan to uncover the truth behind her enigmatic life and death, with the help of his daughter Ellie and a mysterious young scholar. There is also a "prequel" section that reproduces a journal that Rebecca wrote shortly before she died.

The narrative shifts produce a very different structure from the original Rebecca, as well as a more postmodern tone that emphasizes the various narrators' unreliability. Also, the book is sometimes placed in a separate genre: while Rebecca is classified as a Gothic novel (du Maurier detested its categorization as a romance), Rebecca’s Tale is often considered a mystery.

hakusanat: dekkarit jännitys mysteerit rakkaus naisen asema menneisyys Daphne du Maurier: Rebecca Dephne du Maurier: Rebekka murha raiskaus kartanot

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