Andrew Blake's Girls

Experience erotica's most beautiful women making love to each other, from the films of award-winning director Andrew Blake. In exotic settings with sultry music and inviting lighting the hottest girls in the business please each other as ... Full Descriptiononly they know how. From the sensuous Tori Welles passionately involved with Porsche Lynn and Jamie Summers, to the incomparable Zara Whites and Ashlyn Gere turning the room into a sexual blur, its moment after moment of pure pleasure. With each soft kiss against a firm thigh, you can feel the beauty and sensuality of these sex goddesses! Hide Description

Category All Sex, Artcore, Girl-Girl

Director Andrew Blake

Starring Jeanna Fine, Porsche Lynn, Ashlyn Gere, Zara Whites, Tori Welles, Jamie Summers, Ashley Lauren

Detailed Information


Studio Caballero

Release Date Jan 02, 1993

Running Time: 90 min


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