Kuvien elokuva. EI SUOMITEKSTEJÄ! Tätä elokuvaa ei ole edes julkaistu Blu-ray:na suomitekstein. Aluekoodi 2 B, eli toimii suomalaisissa Blu-ray soittimissa. 

Bloody moon - Die Säge des Todes   (Blu-ray)   uusi ja muoveissa.

UNCUT! Leikkaamaton!

Kauhu vuodelta 1981 ohjaus Jess Franco pääosissa Olivia Pascal ja Christoph Moosebrugger.

As the 'body count' genre stabbed its way into audiences hearts in the early 80s, EuroTrash auteur Jess Franco was asked to create his own saga of slaughtered schoolgirls complete with gratuitous nudity, graphic violence and gory set pieces. But just when you thought you'd seen it all, Franco shocked the world by delivering surprising style, genuine suspense and a cavalcade of depravity that includes incest, voyeurism and roller disco. The luscious Olivia Pascal of VANESSA fame stars in this twisted thriller that was banned in England yet is now presented uncut and uncensored including the complete 'stone mill power saw' sequence for the first time ever on Blu-Ray! Miguel, a young man with a horribly disfigured face, is institutionalised at a mental asylum for five years after he rapes and kills a girl. Afterward, he is released into the care of his sister, Manuela. When she wishes that they get rid of everyone else, Miguel goes on a killing spree so that he can continue his incestuous relationship with her. Extras: Franco's Moon featurette with director Jess Franco; Theatrical trailer.

Valmistusvuosi: 1981

Kesto: 1 h 21 min  

Kuva: Widescreen 1.85:1 HD 1080p

Ääni: Englanti - Mono

Tekstitys: -

Kotelon kansien kieli: Englanti

Alue: 2 (eurooppa)

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