Sandra Burt & Linda Perlis: Parents as mentors: A new perspective on parenting that can change your child's life

  • Prima Publishing, 1999
  • nidottu, 251 sivua
  • hyväkuntoinen kirja
  • teksti Englanniksi

Vanhemmille tarkoitettu tuoreen tuntuinen lastenkasvatuskirja, joka fokusoi siihen, miten lapsen vanhemmat voivat tukea lapsensa kehitystä. Fiksua lukemista myös muille lasten parissa työskenteleville.

You are your child's first—and most important—teacher. Why? Because you have the power to bring out all of the hidden talents that are waiting to emerge within your child.

Using the techniques described in this book, authors and mothers Sandra Burt and Linda Perlis raised seven children who went on to earn degrees from Harvard, Brown, Stanford, Yale, Harvard Medical School, and Oberlin. Inside, they show you how you too can develop your child's full potential simply by learning to identify, affirm, and develop his or her natural talents and abilities.

With this book, you'll discover the rich rewards of mentoring your child.

"As a pediatrician, I would like to place this book in the hands of everyone raising a child!"—Carol B. Schulman, M.D.

"This splendid book shows parents how to encourage their child's strengths and instill the kind of self-assuredness that lasts a lifetime."—Mary Landrieu, U.S. Senator, Louisiana

"It's nice to have some good, solid advice when you feel like you just can't quite figure it all out."—Lea Thompson, Dateline NBC

"The authors not only offer plenty of suggestions for making mentoring work, but they grasp its key element—it's not something you do to a child, it's something you do with a child."—Mary Griffith, author of The Unschooling Handbook and The Homeschooling Handbook

"This should be on every family's bookshelf."—Joanne Kemp (Mrs. Jack Kemp)

About the Authors

Sandra Burt is a former educational consultant in Washington, D.C., and longtime board member of the Parents Council of Washington. Linda Perlis is a former teacher and television producer. Together, the authors produce and host a weekly radio show, Parents' Perspective.


Sisällys mm:

  • Getting to know us
  • Coming to terms
  • On the lookourt
  • Enriched and fortified
  • Alone taime
  • How much is too much?
  • Technicalitites
  • Family and school: A partnership
  • After the Bell Rings
  • Teamwork
  • A family affair
  • Now what

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