Carmen Reid: Did the Earth move?

  • Corgi paperback edition 2003
  • englanninkielinen pokkari, 415 sivua
  • selkä lievästi vinoutunut, mutta selkämys on suora ja rypytön. Hyväkuntoinen kirja.

Meet Eve: four kids, one hectic job, two complicated exes and a lot on her mind.

It's all about Eve.

At least, it should be -- after divorce with Dennis and being jilted by Joseph, Eve could use a little "me" time. Yoga and tending her tiny organic garden keep her centered, but life's complicated when you have two barely grown sons, two little ones at home, and a demanding job. At the end of the day, Probation Officer Eve morphs into Mommy Eve, master of meals, homework, laundry, and bath time.

It's all or nothing.

But Eve is irrepressible, a free spirit who still ponders the big questions: Is she too old to dye her hair pink? Does a one-night stand with the veterinarian count as a sex life? Did she let the one man who truly adores her get away? When her oldest son announces he's getting married, Eve's exes come hurtling back into her world, and she sees the men in her life with new eyes. After all, there's more to love than out-of-this-world sex. Though if you're lucky, you can have both....

Carmen Reid is a freelance journalist who has worked for local papers, news agencies and national tabloids. After living in London for ten years, she recently moved to Glasgow with her husband and young family. Her bestselling first novel, Three in a Bed, was published by Corgi.


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