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Postikulut 1-3 normaalikokoiselle cd:lle 2,5€.

CD-albumit (A:sta -K:hon):

32 Dynamic Disco Hits (2CD, KC & the Sunshine Band:That's the way I like it, Lipps Inc:Funky town,
Sylvester, Kool & the Gang, Earth Wind & Fire:Boogie wonderland, G.Gaynor:I will survive...) 3,5,-
50 Cent &Dj Whoo Kid:2050 Before the massacre (Promo, cdr) 3,-
80’s Hard’n’Heavy (Paranoid, Wratchild, Immigrant song,Rock you like a hurricane) 1,-
100 % Christmas:(Modern Talking,Boney M.,C.Aquilera,M.Carey,Elvis,W.Houston) 3,-
A1:Make it good 2,-
ABBA: Hits 3,5,-
ABBA: Hits 2 3,5,-
Absolute ’98:Best of 1998 (2CD, Anouk,Kent, Modern Talking,Graaf,Sweetbox…) 2,5,-
Absolute Hits 1 (Pet Shop Boys, Roxette, Baccara, Chemical Brothers, Me & My...) 1,-
Absolute Hits 2 (Waldo’s People,Vengaboys, Darude, JS16, Steps, Alcazar, Eiffel 65..) 1,-
Absolute Hits 3(B.Spears, Robbie Williams, T.Braxton, B.Spears, C.David, Pink, Alice Deejay) 1,-
Academy of Trance:Club Gorgeous.dk vol.3 (2CD, Phonetic,Yves Dreuter,R.B.A.) 3,-
Academy of Trance:Club Gorgeous.dk vol.4 (2CD, Schiller,A.van Buuren,Delerium..) 3,-
Accept:Staying alive (2 CD) 9,-
Ace of Base:The Bridge 3,-
Adiemus:Songs of sanctuary 3,-
Aerosmith:Aerosmith's greatest hits 4,-
Aerosmith:Just push play 4,-
Aerosmith:Nine lives 3,5,-
Aerosmith:Pump 4,-
Aerosmith:Rock in a hard Place 4,-
After Hours Mix:(2CD, 2 brothers ot the 4th floor, Caballero:Dancing with tears in my eyes, ym) 2,-
Agnetha Fältskog:My colouring book 3,-
A-ha: 25 -The Very Best of (2CD) 4,5,-
A-ha:Lifelines 3,-
A-ha:Memorial beach 3,-
A-ha:Stay on these roads (1988) 4,-
Aikakone:Maa 3,-
Aika:Hear me now 3,- (Aikakone englanniksi)
Aki Sirkesalo:Aika 2,5,-
Aki Sirkesalo:Mielenrauhaa 2,5,-
Alanis Morissette:Supposed former infatuation 3,-
Alannah Myles:A-lan-nah 3,-
Alannah Myles:s/t (sis. Black velvet) 3,5,-
Alan Sorrenti:Miami 3,-
Alcazar:Dancefloor deluxe 2,-
Alcazar:Dancefloor deluxe (2CD) 3,-
Alexia:Fan club 3,5,-
Alexia:Fan club (ei kansipapereita) 1,-
Alexia:The party 3,-
Ally McBeal:Songs from..ft. Vonda Shepard 2,-
Alphaville:Afternoons in Utopia (1986) 4,-
Alphaville:Prostitute 3,-
Alphaville:Salvation 3,-
American Dreaming (3CD) 4,- (Toto, MeatLoaf, Boston, Kansas, Heart, Journey, Reo Speedwagon..)
Amy Grant:Heart in motion 3,-
Anastacia: Anastacia (2CD) (2004) 3,-
Anastacia:Freak of nature 2,5,-
Anastacia:Pieces of a dream–Greatest Hits 3,-
Andrea Bocelli:Cieli di Toscana 2,5,-
Andrew Ridgeley:Son of Albert 3,- (Wham)
Angeleyes:ABBA dance 3,-(mm.:SOS,Super Trouper,Dancing queen,Winner takes it all)
Anita Hiirvonen:De va kukku de 3,-
Anjunabeats vol.4 (Super8, Luminary, Mike Koglin, Basic Perspective..) 2,5,-
Ankie Bagger:Where were you last night 5,-
Anna Abreu:Anna Abreu (2007) 2,-
Anna Abreu:Just a pretty face? 2,-
Anne Mattila:Enkeleitä onko heitä (ei etukansipaperia) 1,-
Antique:Blue love 3,-
Antique:Die for you 3,-
Antonin Dvorak & Johannes Brahms:Symphony no.9 & Hungarian dances no. 1-21 (2CD) 2,-
Antti Raiski:Antti Raiski (2000) 2,-
Apollo Four Forty:Electro glide in blue 3,5,-
Aretha Franklin:Respect–Very Best of (2cd) 4,-
Are you ready for this? (1991, Anticappella, 2 unlimited,Timerider,Dj Pierre, Jam jam..) 2,-
Arja Koriseva:Rakastunut nainen 1,- (ei kansipapereita)
Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Star One:Live on earth (2CD) 7,-
Armand van Helden:New York: a mix odyssey 3,-
A-Teens:Greatest Hits 3,-
A-Teens:Teen spirit 2,5,-
A-Teens:The Abba Generation 2,-
At Home with the Groovebox: 3,- (Pavement, Beck,Sonic Youth,Air,Sean Lennon,Bis..)
A Tribute to ABBA:Gold Plated 3,- (mm.Cock Roach,Forced Entry,Late Edition,Injection…)
Avanti!:Suvisoitto 2,-
Avril Lavigne:Let go 3,-
Awesome Dance: (Culture Beat,Frankie goes to Hollywood,Atlantic Ocean,2 unlimited..) 1,-
Bachelor Girl:Waiting for the day 3,-
Backstreet Boys:Backstreet’s back 2,-
Backstreet Boys:Black & blue 2,-
Backstreet Boys:Millennium 2,-
Back to the old school Ibiza: (2CD, Wink, Atb, Paul van Dyk, Robert Miles, Underworld, Moloko..) 3,-
Bad Boy’s R&B Hits:CD and DVD Collection (Notorious B.I.G,Mase,P.Diddy..cd+dvd) 4,-
Bad Boys:Soundtrack 2,5,- (2Pac,Warren G, Inner Circle feat. Tek:Bad Boys,Ini Kamoze..)
Bad Boys Blue:Back 4,-
Badding:Musiikkia elokuvasta 2,5,-
Ballads (1993, Sting, Roxette, Billy Idol,Heart, Black:Wonderful life,Whitney Houston..) 2,5,-
Bangles:2 in 1 (2CD Box, sis. cd:t: Different Light ja Everything) 4,-
Bangles:The Best of –Eternal Flame 3,-
Barbra Streisand:A collection greatest hits 3,-
Barry White and Friends 2,-
Barry White:Greatest Hits 3,-
The Baseballs:Strike 3,-
Baxter:Baxter (1998) 3,-
BBC Big Band:Strict tempo –Ballroom classics 2,-
Bean -The Album (Beach Boys, Mr.Bean & the Smear Campaign feat. Bruce Dickinson, 10 CC...) 1,5,-
Beatles:Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts club band (ei kansipapereita) 1,5,-
Beats and Styles:We’re not ready yet 3,-
Bee Gees:E.S.P. 3,- (sis. You win again)
Belinda Carlisle:A woman & a man 2,5,-
Belinda Carlisle:Runaway horses 3,-
Best XIII: (1992, Army of Lovers,Bonnie Tyler, Bad Boys Blue,Snap,Blue System…) 3,-
Best of Glam &Glitter 3,-(mm.Sweet,Smokie, Nazareth,Geordie,M.Bolan,S.Quatro, ELO…)
Best of Love Songs (F.R.David:Words,A.Jarreau:Ain't no sunshine,P.Nelson:Move closer)2,-
Best of Party Hits: (2CD, Modern Talking, La Bouche,Dr.Alban,Bab Boys Blue,Le Click) 3,-
Best of Pop-Rock (Europe:Final countdown, Meat Loaf:Bat out of hell, Fleetwood Mac:Albatross..) 2,5,-
Best of Rock: (A.Cooper:Poison,Europe:Final countdown,Men at Work:Down under..) 2,-
Best of Rock: (3CD, ZZ Top, Status Quo, Asia, Thin Lizzy, Nazareth, Canned Heat…) 4,5,-
BET-Best of Planet Groove: 2,- (Mariah Carey, Janet,Erykah Badu,Mary J.Blige, Mya…)
Better than Ezra:Deluxe 3,-
Beyonce:Dangerously in love 2,-
Big Mix 96: (2CD, Snap,Culture Beat,Clock, Reel 2 Real,BBE,Robert Miles,Wink..) 2,-
Big Star Records:Radio Promo Sampler vol.3 (Audio Club;Boozebangers,N-Euro.) 2,-
Billboard Greatest Christmas Hits: 2,- (Bing Crosby:White christmas,Silent night,ym..)
Billie Holiday:All of me 2,5,-
Billie Myers:Growing, pains 3,-
Billy Idol:Greatest Hits (ei kansipapereita) 1,5,-
Billy Ocean:Best of –L.I.F.E (Love is for ever) (2CD, mm. Loverboy, Caribbean queen, Suddenly..) 4,5,-
Bilmo:Bilmo (2005) 3,-
Bingoboys:The Best of 3,-
Biss:Face-off (10 biisin promo!) 3,-
Black Rain:Original Soundtrack 3,-(Iggy Pop, UB 40,Soul II Soul,D.Paich,R.Sakamoto…)
Blank & Jones:Nightclubbing (2CD, digipak) 4,-
Blind Guardian:A twist in the myth 7,- (Limited Edition 2 CD, sis. bonus cd:n!)
Blockbuster:3,- (The Sweet;Whitesnake,Uriah Heep,Suzi Quatro,Billy Idol,Dave Edmunds..)
Bloodhound Gang:Use your fingers 3,-
Blue:One love 2,-
Blue Moon: (Michael Buble, Sarah Brightman, Foreigner, Laura Branigan, Gordon Haskell..) 2,5,-
Blue Moon 2: (Foreigner, Phil Collins, Chris Rea, Chris Isaak, Alannah Myles..) 2,5,-
Blue System:40 Jahre ZDF Hitparade 4,-
Blue System:Backstreet dreams 4,-
Bob Dylan:Live E.P. 3,-
Bockhill Special:What’s going on? 4,-
Boney M.:Hits of Boney M perform By Studio 99 1,-
Bon Jovi:Crossroad -The Best of 3,5,-
Bon Jovi:Bounce 3,5,-
Bon Jovi:7800 Fahrenheit 4,-
Bon Jovi:A tribute (Perform By Studio 99) 1,-
Bonnie Tyler:Faster than the speed of night 4,-
Bonus CD 10 (Don Huonot, Nightwish, Tuomari Nurmio, Heikki Hela, Neljä Ruusua..) 1,-
Boomerang -Original Soundtrack Album (Grace Jones, Toni Braxton, P.M.Dawn, A tribe called Quest..) 2,-
Boris Gardiner:The Very Best of 3,-
Bowling for Soup:A hangover you don’t de..3,-
Boyzone:A different beat 1,-
Boyzone:A different beat (2CD,Special edit) 2,-
Boyzone:Said and done 1,-
Boyzone:Where we belong 1,-
Braincell:Lucio dreaming 3,-
Bride of Chucky:Music from the motion picture (White zombie, Slayer, Motörhead, Judas Priest, ym) 4,-
Bridget Jones Diary:Soundtrack (A.Franklin, G.Halliwell:It’s raining men,R.Williams..) 2,-
Britney Spears:Oops!…I did it again 2,5,-
Bros:Push 3,- (sis.When will I be famous)
Bruce Springsteen:Magic (digipak) 4,-
Bruce Springsteen:The ghost of Tom Joad 3,5,-
Bruce Springsteen:The Rising 3,5,-
Bruce Springsteen:Tunnel of love 3,5,-
Bryan Adams:18 til I die 3,-
Bryan Adams: Bryan Adams (1980) 3,5,-
Bryan Adams:Live live live! 3,-
Bryan Adams:So far so good –Best of 3,5,-
Bryan Adams:Unplugged 3,-
Bryan Adams:Waking up the neighbours 3,-
Bryan Adams:You want it you got it 3,5,-
Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music:Street life -20 Great Hits 4,-
Bu Bu Man:Celebration 3,5,-
Bush:Sixteen stone 3,-
Busta Rhymes:Extinction level event 3,-
Candlebox:Candlebox (1993) 3,-
Cantama:Saga –Tribute 3,-
Captain Jack: 18 Soldier's Hits 4,-
Captain Jack:Operation dance 3,5,-
Captain Jack:The mission (ei etukansipap.) 1,-
Cassius:Au reve 2,5,-
Celebrate: (Irene Cara:Fame, Cameo:Word up,Commitments:Mustang Sally..) 3,-
Celine Dion:All the way–A decade of songs 3,- ´
Celine Dion:Falling into you 2,5,-
Celine Dion:Let’s talk about love 2,5,-
Celine Dion:S'il suffisait d'aimer 2,5,-
Celine Dion:The Collection 1982-88 (2CD) 3,5,-
Celine Dion:The Collection Series vol. 1 2,5,-
Celine Dion:The colour of my love 2,5,-
Celine Dion:These are special times 2,5,-
Charlie’s Magazine:Sweet alibi 3,-
Chart Power: (Dj Bobo, 2 unlimited, Rednex:Wish you were here, Fun Factory, Scooter..) 2,5,-
Cher:Believe 2,5,-
Cher:It’s a man’s world 2,5,- (mm. Walking in Memphis, ym…)
Cher:Living proof 2,5,- (2001)
Cher:Outrageous (Picture Disc) 2,5,-
Cher:The Greatest Hits 3,-
Chess (B.Andersson/Tim Rice/B.Ulvaeus) (hit: Murray Head:One night in Bangkok) 4,5,-
Chic & Sister Sledge:Very Best of (2CD) 3,-
Chicago:The Heart of Chicago (Best of) 3,-
Chicago:Twenty1 2,-
Chick Hits:The Best of (3CD, Cyndi Lauper,Taylor Dayne,Sinitta,Kylie,Martika..) 3,5,-
Chris Norman:Greatest Hits 3,5,-
Chris Rea:Auberge 3,5,-
Chris Rea:Road to hell 3,5,-
Chris Rea:The Best of –New light through old windows 4,5,-
Christmas Hits: (2CD, Troll, Lili & Susie,Ankie Bagger,Boppers,Jerry Williams…) 3,-
Ciara:Goodies 2,5,-
Clubbers guide to Finland 2003 (2CD, Orkidea, Trance Allstars, Snap!, Mighty 44, Tomcraft..) 3,-
Clubbers guide to...Germany (2CD, Sash!, Taucher, Trance Cowboys, Hypetraxx..) 3,-
Clubbers guide to...Ibiza 2002 (2CD, Lasgo, Snap!, Atb, Scooter, Antiloop,Gigi D'agostino:I'll fly with you..) 3,-
Club Nation 2002 (2CD, Raven Maize, KMC feat.Dhany, The Mystery, Aquagen feat.Rozalla..) 3,-
Club X-plosion: (2CD, Caater, Ian van Dahl, Paul Oakenfold, The Space Cowboy, Catch...) 3,5,-
Club Zone:Summer in the City (2CD, Atb:9 pm til I come, Phats & Small vs.Earth wind & fire..) 2,-
Cocktail:Original Soundtrack 3,-(Fabulous Thunderbirds,Beach Boys,J.Mellencamp,ym.)
Colors:Original Soundtrack 3,- (Ice-T)
Coma–The Album 4 (Dance 2 Trance,Leila K, Cappella,Capt.Hollywood Project,Rage..) 3,-
The Connells:Ring (sis. 74-75) 3,-
Cool Dance (2CD, La Bouche, Scooter, Sash!, Cappella, La Cream, Atb...) 2,5,-
Cornershop:When I was born 7th time 3,-
Co.Ro:The Album 3,-
Co.Ro:The Album (ei etupaperia) 1,-
Cover up the Dance Hits (The Chart Mixers) (Max don't have sex with your ex, Love religion, Poison..) 2,-
Crazy Frog:Crazy Hits 1,5,-
Creedence Clearwater Revisited:Recollection (2CD, harvinainen v.1998) 10,-
Cretu and Thiers:Belle epoque (1988) 12,-
Cruisin’ nights: (Hurriganes,G.Thorogood:Bad to the bone,Backsliders,Peer Gunt…) 4,-
Crystal Waters:The Best of 3,-
Cut’s You Up:The complete dark 80’s Cover Compilation 4,- (Paradise Lost:Walk away,Death:Painkiller, Dispatched:Final countdown)
Da Buzz:Da sound 3,5,-
Daisy:A girl’s best friend 3,-
Damien Rice:O / B-Sides (2CD, digisleeve) 4,-
Damien Rice:q 3,-
Dana Dawson:Paris,New York & me 3,-
Dance '88 vol.2 (Sinitta, Laban, Modern Talking, Visitors, Mr.Zivago:Little russian..) 2,5,-
Dance 2 Dance 2 (1994, Maxx, Cappella, Ice Mc, Dj Bobo, Clubhouse..) 3,5,-
Dance 2 Dance 3 (1995, Dj Bobo,101,Fun Factory, Double You, Sabrina, Cabballero..) 3,-
Dance Classics vol.1 (Village People:YMCA,Sylvester:Do you wanna funk&You make me..) 2,5,-
Dance Classics vol.2 (C.Douglas:Kung fu fighting,P.Hernandez:Born to be alive, M.Zager Band:Let's all chant..) 2,5,-
Dance Collection 3: (Mega,1992. The Shamen,Rob'n'Raz,Dr.Alban,Clubland..) 2,5,-
Dance Collection 6: (Mega,1993. Cappella, Dance 2 Trance,Culture Beat,Dj Bobo) 2,5,-
Dance Collection 7: (Mega Records. Maxx, Haddaway,Intermission,Dance Nation) 2,5,-
Dance Collection 8: (Mega Rec. Captain Hollywood,Ice Mc,Dance 2 Trance..) 2,5,-
Dance Deluxe (2 unlimited,Capt.Hollywood Project,Leila K,Dekko,Ace of Base.)2,5,-
Dance Deluxe:15 New Hits (Twenty 4 Seven,Leila K,Capt.Hollywood,United Planets..) 2,5,-
Dance Mania 3 (Masterboy,101,Captain Hollywood,Magic Affair,Capt.Jack…) 3,-
Dance Massive 95: (2CD, E-rotic,Corona, Rednex,Scatman John,Prodigy,Alex Party) 2,5,-
Dancenet.net:4 (2CD, Alice Deejay,E-rotic, Britney Spears,Tess,Eiffel 65,Rednex..) 3,-
Dancenet.net:5 (2CD, La Bouche, E-rotic, Darude, Waldo's People, Snap..) 3,-
Dance Now! 8 (2CD, Alexia, Daze, Tania Evans, Jam & Spoon, SEX Appeal...) 3,-
Dance Now! 9 (2CD, S.O.A.P.,Kai Tracid, Culture Beat,Magic Motion,Alexia..) 3,-
Dance Now! 10 (2CD, Basic Element, Jean Michel Jarre & Apollo 440,Critical Mass) 3,-
Dance Now! 11 (2CD, Vengaboys,Leila K, Evelyn, S.E.X. Appeal,Camilla…) 3,-
Dance Now! 12 (2CD,Europe:Final countdown 2000,Caater,Marc Anthony,Daze..) 3,-
Dance Now! 14 (2CD, Waldo’s People, S.O.A.P., Caater, C-Block, Alexia,Darude…) 3,-
Dangerous Minds:Soundtrack 2,5,- (Coolio:Gangsta’s paradise,Rappin’ 4-tay,Tre Black)
Dan Hill:The Dan Hill Collection 3,-
Dannii Minoque:Girl 3,-
Dan Reed Network:The heat 3,-
Darin:Flashback 2,5,-
Darren Hayes:Spin 2,5,-
Darshan:Awakening (Goa trance, 1998) 15,-
Darude:Before the storm 3,-
Daryl Braithwaite:Edge 3,-
David Guetta:Blaster 3,-
Days of Thunder:Soundtrack 3,- (Joan Jett & the Blackhearts,Guns n’Roses,D.Coverdale)
Dean Martin:The Collection 2,5,-
Deborah Blando:A different story 2,-
Deftones:Live 3,-
Depeche Mode:Best of (CD+DVD) 5,-
Desireless:I love you 2,5,-
Destiny’s Child: (2CD,Survivor & Destiny fulfilled) 3,5,-
Destiny’s Child:The writing’s on the wall 2,-
Diana Ross:I’m still waiting –All the Great Hits 3,-
Diana Ross:One woman-The Ultimate Collection 3,-
Die Another Day:Music from the Motion Picture 2,5,- (007)
Dido:Life for rent (ei kansia) 1,-
Dido:No angel 2,-
Dinah Washington:The best of-Mad about the boy 3,5,-
Dire Straits:Love over gold 4,-
Dire Straits:On every street 4,-
Dire Straits:Sultans of Swing -The Very Best of (ei kansipapereita) 1,-
Dirty Licks:Too little too late 3,-
Disco:Musta sydän 2,-
Disco: (2CD peltiboxi: Gibson Brothers,Chaka Khan,Kool & the Gang,Irene Cara,Chic) 3,-
Disco Caribe by Bravo: 2,- (ZYX) (mix-cd: A.Righetti,M.Natale,S.Melloni)
Disco Dancin’ 2: (Boney M,Baccara,Eruption, Amanda Lear,G.Moroder,A la carte..) 3,-
Disco -Forever Gold (2CD, E.Huntington, M.Mareen, Silent Circle, A.One, Radiorama..) 5,-
Disco -Music Box Collection (2CD, Evelyn Thomas:High energy, KC & the Sunshine Band:That's the way I like it, C.Douglas:Kung fu fighting, Miquel Brown:So many men, so..) 3,5,-
Dj Aligator Project:Payback time 3,-
Dj Bobo:Dance with me 5,-
Dj Bobo:Level 6 5,-
Dj Bobo:Magic 5,-
Dj Bobo:World in motion 4,-
Dj Bobo:World in motion -Winter edition 4,5,-
Dj Dance volume 5: (Basic Element, Magic Affair, S.E.X Appeal, Ice Mc, Centory…) 3,-
DJ Hits –Techno edition vol.2: (Maxx, Dance 2 Trance, Marusha, Mo-Do, Interactive..) 3,-
DJ Hits 25: (E-type, Magic Affair, Rednex, Mr.President, Deuce, Samira, Human League..) 3,-
Dj Jurgen:Compiled & Mixed by.. 2,-
Dj Lars Holte:In trance we trust 003 (Balearic Bill, Allegro, Stray Dog, Logan 5..) 4,-
Dj Stigma:In trance we trust 002 (Kamaya Painters, Mindwalkers, Akira..) 4,-
Dj’s Only:Stockholm Remixed Records 2,- (Maxx, Pandora, CB Milton, Twenty 4 Seven..)
Dj Ötzi:Never stop the alpenpop 4,-
Donna Summer:Another place and time 3,-
Donna Summer:Crayons 3,-
Donna Summer:The Summer Collection 4,-
Don’t cry for me Argentina:Panpipes of the Andes 2,-
Double Dealer:Deride at the top 4,-
Do you Remember: vol.8 (Platters:Great pretender,D.Shannon:Runaway…) 2,-
Dr.Alban:Born in Africa 3,5,-
Dr.Hook:Sometimes you win 3,-
Drifters:The Collection (2CD) 3,-
D.Trance 12:1999 -Ultimate Full length Trance Tracks (3CD, Phenomenia,Aquaflow..) 3,5,-
D.Trance 14:Ultimate Full length Trance Tracks (3CD, X-trance,Cosmic Gate..) 3,5,-
Duran Duran:Astronaut (DVD + CD) 4,5,-
Duran Duran:Decade 3,-
Dynamite Dance: (2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, Scooter, Blumchen, 101, Miisa) 2,-
Eagles:The Very best of 4,-
Eaman:I don’t want you back 3,-
Earth,Wind & Fire:Plugged in and Live 3,- (Boogie wonderland,Let’s groove,September)
East 17:Around the World -Hit Singles: The Journey so far (2CD) 3,5,-
Eddie Cochran:The Very best of 4,-
Eddy Grant:The Best of 3,-
Eddy Grant:The Greatest Hits 3,-
Ed Hardcourt:From every sphere 3,-
Edyta Gorniak:Edyta Gorniak 3,-
Eeva-Leena Sariola:Taitaa päästä... laulu! 2,-
Electric Beat: (2CD) 3,- (mm.,Fatboy Slim, ATB, Antique, K-System, Bomfunk MC’s, Ian van Dahl, A.van Helden,Brooklyn Bounce..)
Electric Light Orchestra:The Best of 4,-
Electro-House Sampler: (Gorge & Greg Silver, Heiko &Maiko,Dada Life..)(PROMO!) 2,5,-
Electronic Love Affair (2CD, Jimmy van de Velde, X press 2, Jakatta, Timo Maas..) 3,-
Ella Fitzgerald:Ella Fitzgerald Live! 3,-
Elton John:Love songs 3,5,-
Elton John:Songs from the west coast 3,5,-
Elton John:The Road to El Dorado 3,-
Elton John & Leon Russell:The Union 3,-
Elvis Presley:20 rock & roll hits 3,-
Energy Rush 5: (Dance 2 Trance,House of Pain,2 unlimited,Urban Cookie Collective) 3,-
Energy Rush 8: (Clubhouse,Cappella,Maxx, Reel II Real:I like to move it,Motiv 8..) 2,5,-
Energy X-travadance: (Scooter, Leila K, Sash!, N-Trance, Waldo, CB Milton, Red 5..) 2,-
Energy X-travadance 3 (2CD, Dj Bobo, Scooter, Solid Base, 666, Blumchen, Drömhus..) 3,-
Engelbert Humperdinck:16 Greatest Love Songs 2,5,-
Engine:Superholic 3,5,-
Enigma 3 -Le roi est mort, vive le roi! 3,5,-
Enigma:Love sensuality devotion -The Greatest hits 4,-
Enrique Iglesias:Escape 2,5,-
Enrique Iglesias:Seven 2,5,-
Enya:Memory of trees 3,5,-
Enya:Shepherd moons 3,-
Enya:Watermark 3,-
Eppu Normaali:Repullinen hittejä (2CD, joitain naarmuja) 2,-
Eppu Normaali:Reppu 2 (2CD) 6,-
ER:Music from the television series 2,5,-
Era:Era (534 981-2) 3,-
Erasure:Chorus 3,- (mm. Love to hate you)
Erasure:I say I say I say 2,5,-
Erasure:Pop! –20 Hits 3,- (Sometimes,Take a chance on me,Who needs love like that..)
Eric Clapton:Chronicles –The Best of 4,-
Erick Morillo: the Summer Sound of Subliminal (Da Mob, Mongobonix, Bob Sinclair..) 3,-
Eros Ramazzotti:Dove c’e musica 2,-
Eros Ramazzotti:Eros (1993) 2,5,-
Eros Ramazzotti:In ogni senso 2,5,-
Eros Ramazzotti:Stilelibero 2,5,-
Erotic Dreams:(P.Bachelet:Emmanuelle song,B.Bardot,Phyllis Nelson:Move closer..) 3,-
Eskobar:A thousand last chances 3,-
Eurovision Song Contest Copenhagen 2001 2,5,-
Eurythmics:Greatest Hits 3,5,-
Eurythmics:We too are one 3,5,-
Everly Brothers:The Best Years 3,5,-
Everything but the girl:Amplified heart 3,5,-
Exhibition:The sign of tomorrow 4,-
Ex-it:Body talk –The Album 3,-
F1 2000: 2,5,- (2CD, Tess, Sash!, Blumchen, Reset…)
Faithless:Reverence & Irreverence (2CD) 4,-
Faithless:Sunday 8pm 3,-
Famous Overtures vol.2 (Wagner,Strauss..) 1,-
Fat Boy Slim:Live on Brighton beach 3,-
FC Venus:Soundtrack 2,-
Fear Factory:Fear is the mindkiller 3,5,-
Feel Like Making Love: (2CD)3,5,- (Thin Lizzy, ZZTop, Rainbow, Queen, Lynyrd Skynyrd..)
Festival 06 (2CD, Green Day, Alice Cooper, QOTSA, Linkin Park, Goo Goo Dolls, HIM, Muse, The Prodigy..) 3,-
Feven:Hela vägen ut 2,-
FFRR Classics 1988-1998 (2CD, D-mob, Orbital, Lil Louis:Freanch kiss, Goldie, Utah Saints..) 5,-
Fiilaten ja Höyläten:Kosteisiin iltoihin ja märkiin uniin (Hausmylly, Turos Hevi Gee, Aki & Turo, Sepi Kumpulainen..) 2,5,-
Findance.com II: 18 Finnish Dane Tracks (Rama:Light my fire, Firevision, Darude, Alkalyne, Hausmylly, Jet-Z...) 4,-
Fine Young Cannibals:The Raw & the Cooked 3,-
Finity Essence:The essential finnish trance collection (2CD, Aneroidit, Aava, Winkee, Sundawner, Tearrain...) 5,-
Finity Essence:The essential finnish trance collection vol.2 (2CD, Corydalics, Syna, Allende, Sundawner, Tearrain...) 5,-
Finnhits 4: (V.Rosti,Taiska,Karma,Danny..) 3,5,-
Five:Fi5e 1,-
Flannelmouth:The heart cannot hold 3,-
Fleetwood Mac:Greatest Hits 3,5,-
Flying Pickets:Best of 4,-
Flyout:Good vibration EP 3,-
Foreigner:Best Ballads 3,5,-
Frail:Pieces of silence 3,-
Francine:King for day 5,-
Frank Farian:The Hit Man–Best of 25 years 3,-
Frank Sinatra:Duets 3,-
Frank Sinatra:The Very Best of 3,-
Freddy Fender:Gold 2,5,-
Fresh Trax –Clubaholic (2CD, Avancada, Dance Nation,Jan Wayne,Snap,Scooter) 3,-
Frog Pocket:Gonglot 2,5,-
Fuel:Angels & devils 2,5,-
Fugees:Greatest Hits (2CD,Limited edition) 4,-
Fugees:The Score 3,-
Funkstar De Luxe:Keep on moving (It's too funky in here) 3,-
Fun Lovin’ Criminals:100% colombian 2,-
Fun Lovin’ Criminals:Come find yourself 2,5,-
Funkykarkurit:Hetkestä kiinni 2,-
Fu-tourist:The universe is for us 2,-
Gabrielle:Dreams can come true -Greatest Hits vol 1 3,5,-
Gabrielle:Rise 2,5,-
Game Time!: (Kid Rock,Snoop Dogg,Puff daddy ft.Notorious BIG,Ice Cube…) 2,5,-
Gary Moore:The Best of –Have some Moore (2CD) 7,-
Gary Moore:The Best of 2 –Have some..(2CD) 7,-
Gary Moore:Dark days in paradise 4,-
Gatecrasher:Global Sound System (2CD, Cygnus X, Planisphere, Delerium, James Holden..) 3,5,-
Genesis:Live -The way we walk, Volume One:The Shorts 4,-
George Michael:Older 2,5,-
George Thorogood & the Destroyers:Born to be Bad –Greatest Hits 4,5,-
George Thorogood & the Destroyers:Live 4,-
Geri Halliwell:Schizophonic 1,5,-
Giga Hits '95 (2CD, Masterboy, Fun Factory, La Bouche, Dj Bobo, Marusha, Mark Oh'..) 3,-
Gilbert O'Sullivan:Collection
Gipsy Kings:Greatest Hits 3,-
Glam Rock:4,- (Slade,Sweet,Moot the hoople, G.Glitter,T.Rex,Roxy Music,Argent,Rubettes)
Glam Rock Revival:4,- (Mud:Tiger feet,Paper Lace:The night Chicago died,Rubettes:Sugar baby love,Smoke:My friend Jack, Mud:Oh boy)
Glam Stars: 3,- (Slade,Sweet,Bay City Rollers, Suzi Quatro,Rubettes,Mud,David Bowie..)
Glenn Frey:Solo Collection 4,-
Gloria Estefan:Cuts both ways 3,-
Gloria Estefan:Gloria! (EPC 489850 2) 3,-
Gloria Gaynor:I am what I am (I will survive, Never can say goodbye, Reach out (I'll be there)) 3,-
Gnarls Barkley:St. elsewhere (mm. Crazy) 3,-
Goldie: Saturnzreturn (2CD) 3,5,-
Good Charlotte:Good morning revival 2,5,-
Good Charlotte:The chronicles of life and..3,-
Grease:Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture 3,5,-
Groove Armada:The Best of 3,5,-
Grover Washington, Jr.:Winelight 3,-
Guitarist: (The Hellacasters, Paradise Lost, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Del Amitri..) 1,5,-
Gus Gus:This is normal 3,-
Gus Gus: vs. t-world 3,5,-
Haalarihitit: 3,- (Irwin:Työmiehen lauantai, Leevi:Itkisitkö onnesta, Matti Esko:Rekkamies…)
Halavatun Papat:Suapumisaeka 4,-
Hammerfall:One crimson night (2CD) 7,-
Hammerfall:Steel meets steel -The years of glory (2CD, digipak) 7,-
Hanna Pakarinen:When I become me 1,5,-
Hard Breakers: 4,- (Judas Priest,Pretty Maids, Motörhead,A.Cooper:Poison,Pink Cream 69)
Hard Trance Anthems (3CD, Sunscreem, Cosmic Gate, Mauro Picotto, System F, Lexos..) 4,-
Hardware Hits: Best of the 80’s (Kim Wilde, N.Kershaw,I.Cara,D.Summer,L.Richie..) 3,-
Heartbeat: 2,- (Ten Sharp:You,Pretty Maids: Please don’t leave me,G.Michael& E.John..)
Heartbeats (2CD, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, T'Pau, Kim Carnes, Limahl, Kim Wilde..) 3,-
Hearthill:Cut up 4,5,-
Heart Rock: (3 CD) 4,5,- (Heart,Billy Idol, Poison, Meat Loaf, Nazareth,Thunder,Gillan,Saxon..)
Heart of Romance:18 songs of love 2,-(K.Bush, Duran Duran,J. Nail,Dr.Hook,Pat Benatar)
Heaven’s Cry:Food for thought substitute 4,-
Helen Hoffner:Wild about nothing 3,-
HellDorado: (Children of Bodom,Sentenced, King Diamond,Arch Enemy,Symphony X..) 3,-
Helmiä ja Sikoja (P.Hanhiniemen Perunateatteri, Olavi Uusivirta, Siiri Nordin,Technicolour) 2,-
Henno:Out of the blue 3,-
Herbie:Fingers 3,5,-
HIM:Love metal 3,5,-
Hip Hop Hurray: (Arrested Development,Monie Love,Gang Starr,A tribe called quest…) 2,-
Hitalo Beat Mix vol.1 (Coo Coo, Malcolm J. Hill, Ross, Chip Chip, Thomas & Schubert..) 10,-
Hit Attack! 2:The sound of the 90’s (Technotronic, Fancy, Culture Beat, BG the prince of rap, C & C Music Factory..) 2,-
Hit Collection vol.2: (Ariola 1991, Blue System, Bad Boys Blue, CC Catch, Modern Talking, D.Hasselhoff:Looking for freedom,Den Harrow..) 4,-
Hitman 2 (Army of Lovers, Rednex, East 17, Melodie Mc, Reel 2 Real, Interactive..) 3,5,-
Hits 93:vol.4 (Culture Beat:Mr.vain, Haddaway:Life, Cappella:U got 2 let the music, 2 unlimited, Capt.Hollywood Project..) 2,-
Hits for Kids: (Basic Element, E-Type, Aqua, Movetron, Dj Mendez...) 1,5,-
Hits for Kids 2: (Tiktak, Nylon Beat, Hanson, Aqua, A-teens..) 1,-
Hits for Kids 4: (Daze, Bomfunk Mc's, E-type, S.O.A.P., Aikakone, Disco..) 1,5,-
Hits Now! 95 (Cappella, Dj Bobo, Twenty 4 Seven, Taleesa, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, Samira, Scooter..) 2,-
Hits Now! 95 -The Long Versions: 24 Maxi Dance Hits (2CD, Cappella, Dj Bobo, Twenty 4 Seven, Taleesa, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, Samira, Scooter..) 4,-
Hits of... 79+80 (D.Summer:Bad girls, Lipps Inc:Funkytown, G.Gaynor:I will survive..) 2,-
Hits of... 83+84 (The Jam, Status Quo,D.Summer:She works hard for the money) 2,5,-
Hittejä ja Idoleita: (Mighty 44,PMMP,Disco, Anssi kela,Suomen Idols:Tuulet puhaltaa) 1,-
Hittibuumi:4 (Dr.Alban, Westbam, Centory, Marusha, Magic Affair, 2 Cowboys, The Grid..) 3,5,-
Hittibuumi:5 (Basic Element, U96, E-Type, Centory, Movetron, McSar & the Real McCoy..) 3,5,-
Hittibuumi:8 (E-rotic, Dune, U96, Captain Jack, Basic Element, Captain Jack, Ice Mc...) 3,5,-
Hittiparaati: (2CD, Kari Tapio, Tarja Lunnas, Yölintu, Souvarit, Finlanders, E.Kantola..) 3,-
Hittiparaati 2: (2CD, Anna Eriksson,E.Kantola, T.Sorsakoski, Matti&Teppo,J.Tuominen) 3,5,-
Hollywood film & TV-themes: (Star Wars, Chariots of fire, Star Trek,Superman..) 2,-
Holton/Steel:Anthology (2CD+ 1 DVD) 6,-
Honeymoon in Vegas - Original Soundtrack (Jeff Beck:Hound dog, Bono:Can't help falling in love, J.Mellencamp:Jailhouse rock..) 3,-
Hooters:All you zombies (Best of) 3,-
Hot Charts: (Ice Mc,CB Milton,Nina…) 2,5,-
Hot Chocolate:The Very Best of 4,-
Hot Love: (1988, Black:Wonderful life, Moody Blues:Nights in white satin, Police, E.Clapton:Wonderful tonight..) 3,-
Houserockers ft.Jimmie Bluesman Lawson 3,-
Huey Lewis & the News: Small world 3,-
Human League:Essential (Don't you want me, Love action, Together in electric dreams..) 4,-
Hymypoika:Musiikkia elokuvasta 2,- (Pelle Miljoona:Moottoritie..,I.Alanko,YUP..)
Hype:Original soundtrack 2,- (mm.Tino Singh)
Hypecd: (Battlebeast:Show me how to die, Eurooppa 3:Älä unohda minua, Negative, Poisonblack..) 1,5,-
Iceberg Records Summer Sampler 2000: 2,- (Promo)(Allure,Crispy,Paul Jenner,Alicia..)
Icycore:Wetwired 4,-
Idols: 1,- (H.Pakarinen,J.Wickholm,A.Tuisku..)
Ihana 60-luku: Let the good times roll (2CD, D.Shannon:Runaway, R.Nelson:Hello Mary Lou, The Marvelettes:Please mr.postman..) 4,-
I love ZYX Italo Disco Collection 6: (3CD, mm:Lian Ross, Mozzart, Argentina, Savage…) 11,-
Incubus:Make yourself 2,5,-
Indica:Kadonnut puutarha 2,5,-
Inner Circle:Black roses (mm.Bad boys) 3,5,-
Inner Circle:The Best of 4,-
Inner City:Paradise Remixed (1990) 3,-
Ironica:Consequences 3,5,-
Iskelmä 5:20 Radio hittiä (K.Tapio,Yölintu:Mä putoan, Juha Tapio, Pate Mustajärvi…) 2,-
Italo House: (Black Box,Ice Mc, Hipnosis..) 4,-
It’s Christmas Time: (Band Aid:Do they know it’s Christmas?, Slade,Run DMC…) 3,-
Ivory Tower:Beyond the stars 4,-
Jam & Spoon:Tripomatic fairytales 2002 4,-
Jamaica Soundsystem:Are you reggae? 3,-
James Blunt:Back to Bedlam 3,-
James Bond Themes (Goldfinger, Live and let die, Goldeneye...) 2,5,-
Jan Wayne:Back again! 3,-
Jan Wayne:Gonna move ya! 3,-
Jana:Pelkuri 3,-
Jane Jacksont:Damita Jo 3,-
Janet Jackson:Janet 3,-
Janne Tulkki:Janne Tulkki 2,5,-
Janne Tulkki:Unten erämaa 3,-
Jari Sillanpää:Parhaat (2CD) 4,-
Jason Derulo:Whatcha say 2,5,-
Jason Donovan:Ten good reasons 2,- (Too many broken hearts,Sealed with a kiss, ym..)
Jason Nevins:Universal 2,5,-
Jay-Jay Johanson:Prologue–Best of Early Years 1996-2002 3,-
Jay-Z:The Dynasty –Roc la familia 3,-
Jean S.:Avojaloin 3,-
Jean S.:Kesämies 3,-
Jennifer Lopez:A Tribute 2,-
Jennifer Rush:The Power of–Hit Album 3,5,-(Power of love,Destiny,Ave Maria,Heart over mind)
Jesus Jones:Doubt 3,-
Jimmy Ray:Jimmy Ray 3,-
Jimmy Sommerville:The singles collection 3,-
J.Karjalainen:Electric picnic 3,5,-
J.Karjalainen:Electric sauna 3,5,-
J.Karjalainen:Laura Häkkisen silmät 3,5,-
J.Karjalainen:Villejä lupiineja 3,5,-
J.Karjalainen:Villejä lupiineja 1,- (kansi kopio, levy alkuperäinen)
J.Karjalainen ja Mustat Lasit:Lumipallo 4,-
J-Kwon:Hood hop 2,-
Joe Cocker:The Best of Joe Cocker 3,5,-
John Fogerty:Blue moon swamp 4,5,-
John Mellencamp:Whenever we wanted 3,-
John Travolta:You set my heart on fire 2,5,-
Johnny Nash:Greatest Hits–I can see clearly now 2,5,-
Jonas Brothers:Jonas Brothers 2,-
Jonna Tervomaa: Jonna Tervomaa 2,- (1998)
Jonna Tervomaa:Halo 2,-
Jonna Tervomaa:Neljä seinää 2,5,-
Jonna Tervomaa:Viivalla 2,5,-
Joose Keskitalo:Tule minun luokseni, kulta 2,5,-
Jope Ruonansuu:60 Parasta naururaitaa (2CD) 4,-
Jope Ruonansuu:Finnshits 3,-
Jope Ruonansuu:Lomakiertue 2,5,-
Jordy:Pochette surprise 1,-
Joseph Arthur:Nuclear daydream 3,-
Joseph Arthur:The craduation ceremony 3,-
Joss Stone:The soul sessions 3,-
Judgement Night:Music from Motion Picture (1993,Ice-T,Cypress Hill,House of pain) 3,-
Jukka Lampela:Vapaa kulkemaan 2,-
Jussu:Jussu.(Suurlähettiläät -laulaja) 2,-
Just D.:1 steg steg bak 2 steg fram 2,5,-
Justin Almario:Interlude 2,-
Justin Timberlake:Futuresex/Lovesounds 3,-
Just the Best:vol.12 (2CD) 3,- (Rammstein, Brooklyn Bounce, Orbital, Members of Mayday)
JYRKi Cool Dance 2 3,-
Kaija Koo:Jalokivimeri (ei etukansi paperia) 1,-
Kaija Koo:Kaunis Rietas Onnellinen-Parhaat 1980-2011 (2CD) 4,5,-
Kaija Kärkinen & Ile Kallio:Lupaus 3,-
Kaija Kärkinen & Ile Kallio:Sade 3,-
Kaija Kärkinen & Ile Kallio:Suuri salaisuus 3,-
Kaksio:Lähikuvia 2,5,-
Kapasiteettiyksikkö:Itsenäisyyspäivä 3,-
Kardia:Lähellä 2,5,-
Karita Mattila:Lauluja merelle 2,-
Karita Mattila:Wild rose 2,5,-
Kazzer:Go for broke 2,5,-
K.C.& the Sunshine Band:Oh yeah–Best of 3,-
Kelly Simonz’s Blind Faith:Sign of the times 4,-
Kemopetrol:Everything's fine 3,-
Kemopetrol:Slowed down 3,-
Kent:B-sidor 95-00 (2CD) 5,-
Kent:Du & jag döden 3,-
Kilpi: II taso 4,-
Kim Appleby:Kim Appleby 3,- (Mel & Kim)
Kim Carnes:Gypsy honeymoon–the best of 4,-
Kim Wilde:The Singles Collection 1981-93 4,-
Kim Wilde:The Very Best of 4,-
Kings of Rock ‘n’ Roll:7 guys who changed the world (Elvis,B.Holly,E.Cochran,C. Richard, Chuck Berry,Little Richard, J.LeeLewis, B.Haley) 2,-
Kirka:Hengaillaan 3,5,-
Kirka:Kasvot peilissä 3,-
Kirka:Parhaat (Hetki lyö, Varrelle virran..) 3,5,-
Kirka:Pyydä vain 3,-
Kirka:Sinut siinä nään 3,-
Kirka:Suuri hetki 3,-
KISS - Rock and Roll All Night (DVD) 5,-
Kiss FM Flashback -Best of Love (Scorpions:You and I,A.Myles:Black velvet..) 3,-
Kiss FM Hits 2: (Basic Element, U96, E-rotic, Captain Hollywood..) 3,-
Kiss FM Hits 6: (Aqua, Solid Harmonie, Anouk, Antiloop..) 2,-
Kiss FM Hits 4: (Pandora,Masterboy,Nana, Captain Jack,Real McCoy...) 2,-
Klamydia & Lokalmatadore:Kipsi 4,-
Kleerup:Kleerup 3,-
Kolmas Nainen:Ura -38 maamerkkiä matkan varrelta (2CD) 4,5,-
Kontor:Sunset Chill 4 (2CD, ATB,Chris Rea,Coldplay,Filur,Massive Attack,Moby…) 2,5,-
Kool & the Gang:The Hits–Reloaded (2CD) 4,-
Kosmonauts@ kontor vol.2 (2CD) 3,-(Brooklyn Bounce, ATB, Yoda, Darude, Dj Tomcraft,ym)
Kossuvissy:Lauluja pitkään janoon (Jaakko Teppo, Turos Hevi Gee, Sepi Kumpulainen, Bat & Ryyd..) 2,-
Kraka:Fragile 2,5,-
Krezip:Nothing less 2,5,-
Kris Kross:Totally crossed out 2,5,-
Kris Kross:Young rich & dangerous 2,-
Kurko Collection:1,- (Zen Cafe,Dave Gahan..)
Kwan:Love beyond this world 2,-
Kwan:The die is cast 2,-
Kylie:Fever 3,-
Kymppilinja:Valmistaudu olemaan väärässä 3,-
Käyntikortti Suomigospelin maailmaan 2,5,-
Käyntikortti 2 Suomigospelin maailmaan 2,5,-
LAB:Porn beautiful 2,-

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