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CD-albumit (L:stä -Ö:hön):
La Bamba:Original soundtrack 4,-
La Bionda:The Collection 3,-
Lacrosse:This new year will be for you and..2,5,-
Lambretta:Lambretta (2001) 2,5,-
Laserdance:Future generation 10,-
Lasimestarin Hitit (Eini:Kesä ja yö, Tauski, Turo's Hevi Gee, Les Humphries Singers:Mexico, Clifters, Muska..) 2,-
Las Ketchup:Hijas del tomate 2,-
Las Ketchup:Hijas del tomate (ei etupap.) 1,-
Laura Branigan:The Best of 3,5,-
Laura Pausini:La mia risposta 2,5,-
Laura Voutilainen:Kosketa mua 2,-
Laura (Voutilainen):Tässä hetkessä 2,-
Lauren Harris:Calm before the storm 3,-
Lauryn Hill:The miseducation of 3,-
Lay Low:Farewell good night’s sleep 3,-
LeAnn Rimes:I need you 2,5,-
Lemmenkipeet:Ylöspäin 2,5,-
Lenny Kravitz:Circus 3,-
Lenny Kravitz:Greatest Hits 3,5,-
Lethal Weapon 3:Music from Motion Picture 2,5,-
Ligeia:Gloria 4,- (power metal/ naislaulaja)
Lili & Susie:The Sisters 4,-
Lil Mama:VYP –voice of the young people 2,-
Linda Clifford/Curtis Mayfield:The right.. 3,5,-
Lionel Richie:Renaissance 3,-
Lisa Nilsson:Samlade sånger 92-03 (2CD) 4,-
Lisa Stansfield:Affection 3,-
Lisa Stansfield:So natural 3,-
Live:The distance to here 3,-
Live:Throwing copper 3,-
Londonbeat:In the blood 3,-
London Boys:Sweet soul music 3,-
Los del Rio:Fiesta Macarena 2,5,-
Lost in Space:Original Soundtrack (Apollo 440, Fatboy Slim, Propellerheads..) 2,-
Lou Bega:A little bit of mambo 2,-
Love 2 Dance: (2CD, Corona, Maxx, 2 unlimited, Cappella, Nightcrawlers, Livin' Joy..) 3,-
Love and Pride:16 Great 80's Hits (Men at work:Down under,Ray Parker Jr:Ghostbusters, Aneka:Japanese boy, Nena:99 red balloons, Slade:My oh my,Hall & Oates:Maneater..) 2,-
Love is all Around: 2,- (P.Anka:She’s a lady, Dean Martin:Volare,Platters:Great pretender)
Luciano Pavarotti:Greatest Collection 2,5,-
Luther Vandross:Luther Vandross (2001) 2,-
Lutricia McNeal:My side of town 2,-
Lynyrd Skynyrd:The Collection 4,-
Mad About the Boy (E.Cochran:C'mon everybody, Steppenwold:Born to be wild, L.Armstrong:What a wonderful world, Ben E. King:Stand by me) 2,5,-
Made in Finland: (Fredi:Pump pump, Marion:El Bimbo, Kikka:Mä haluun viihdyttää, Kivikasvot, Tapani Kansa:Kesän lapsi...) 3,-
Madonna:American life 3,-
Madonna:Bedtime stories 3,-
Madonna:Erotica 3,-
Madonna:Evita 3,-
Madonna:Greatest Ballad Hits-Something to remember 3,-
Madonna:Immaculate Collection 3,5,-
Madonna:Like a prayer 3,5,-
Madonna:Like a virgin 3,5,-
Madonna:Ray of light 2,5,-
Madonna:Something to remember (Ballad Hits) 2,5,-
Madonna:True blue 3,5,-
Maelström:Eye of the storm 3,5,-
Magic Finger Project:All time greatest synthesizer hits (Popcorn,Axel F,Oxygene..) 2,-
Magnet:On your side 2,5,-
Maija Vilkkumaa:Ei 2,-
Maija Vilkkumaa:Se ei olekaan niin 2,-
Maija Vilkkumaa:Superpallo 2,5,-
Mamba:Meille vai teille 2,-
Mamba:Vaaran vuodet (2CD, kokoelma) 3,5,-
Manhattan Transfer:The Best of 3,5,-
Manic Street Preachers:Everything must go 3,-
Manic Street Preachers:This is my truth tell me yours 3,-
Mansun:Little kix 3,-
Marc Almond:The stars we are 3,-
Mariah Carey:# 1’s (Best of) 3,-
Mariah Carey:Rainbow 2,5,-
Mariah Carey:The Remixes (2CD) 5,-(Fantasy, Honey,Heartbreaker,My all, Flyaway..)
Maria Hänninen:Kaikki muuttuu... jotain jää 3,-
Mariko:Fabulous tonight 3,-
Marillion:The Thieving Magpie (La Gazza Ladra)(2CD) 4,-
Mark B & Blade:The unknown 2,5,-
Mark ‘Oh:Never stop that feeling 4,-
Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch:Music for the people 2,-
Maroon 5:Songs about Jane 3,-
Marshall & Alexander:Hand in hand 2,5,-
Martti Saarinen:Martti Saarinen 2,-
Masterpieces: (2CD, mm.Yes, A.Cooper, N.Young, Blues Brothers, Doobie Brothers, Prince, The Cars…) 3,-
Matchbox Twenty:Mad season 3,-
Maurizio Pavesi:Pavesi Sound 3 2,-
Maximum Pop:12" Maxi Single Collection (Kim Wilde:Love blonde, Duran Duran:The reflex, Heaven 17, Deborah Harry..) 2,5,-
Maxi Priest:Bonafide 2,5,-
May Bee:Ainoa unelma 2,5,-
Meadow Island:Meadow island (digipak) 4,-
Meat Loaf:Collections 3,5,-
Meat Loaf:VH1 Storytellers 3,-
Mega Dance (1995, Cappella, Corona, Whigfield, 101, Flexx, Pizzaman...) 2,5,-
Mega Dance 3: 1996, 2 Brothers on the 4th floor, 4 tune fairytales, Alex Party, Rollo..) 2,5,-
Mega Dance 4: (1994, Moby,Scooter,Ice Mc, 2 brothers on the 4th Floor,Dj Bobo,Doop) 3,-
Mega Dance vol.7 (Leila K., Corona, Sonic Dream Collective, Ace of Base...) 2,5,-
Megadeth:Greatest Hits (CD+DVD) 7,-
Mega Records Promo 23:(1994, Motiv 8, Heart Attack,Dream Frequency,Stella Getz..) 2,-
Mega Trax vol.1 (Aikakone, Robert Miles, Dr.Alban, H-Blockx, Robyn..) 1,-
Meja:Seven sisters (All ‘bout the money) 2,-
Melanie C:Northern star 2,-
Melkein Vieraissa:Tribuutti Leevi & the Leavingsille (Happoradio, Viikate, Timo Rautiainen, Maj Karma..) 3,-
Men at Work:Business as usual 3,5,- (sis. Down under)
Menneisyyden Vangit:Tähdet näyttää tien 3,-
Meredith Brooks:Blurring the edges (Bitch) 2,5,-
METAL: 3,- (mm. Motörhead,Asia,Venom, Alice Cooper,Europe,Lynyrd Skynyrd, ym…)
Michael Bolton:Time, love & tenderness 2,5,-
Michael Bolton:The one thing 2,5,-
Michael Jackson:Dangerous 3,5,-
Michael Learns to Rock:Blue night 2,5,-
Michael Learns to Rock:Played on pepper 2,5,-
Michael Schenker Group:Assault attack & Rock will never die (2CD, GB import) 19,-
Mick Jagger:Wandering spirit 3,5,-
Midnight Cruising: (Dire Straits, Stray Cats, Elton John, Chris Rea, Toto, Cyndi Lauper, Tears for fears..) 2,-
Midnight Oil:Breathe 3,-
Midnight Oil:Earth and sun and the moon 3,-
Mielenrauhaa:Musiikkia ja luonnon ääniä rentoutumiseen -Retkellä metsässä 1,5,-
Mielenrauhaa:Musiikkia ja luonnon ääniä rentoutumiseen -Solisevat vedet 1,5,-
Mikael Anreot:Lonely blue boy 4,5,-
Mikko Alatalo:20 Suosikkia 3,5,- (Maalaispoika oon,Tytöt tahtoo pitää hauskaa,Ihmisen ikävä..)
Mikko Alatalo:Viivy vielä hetki 3,-
Mikko Kuustonen:Abrakadabra 2,5,-
Mikko Kuustonen:Atlantis 2,-
Mikko Kuustonen:Aurora 2,-
Mikko Kuustonen:Parhaat –Lauluja linnunradan laidalta (2CD) 4,-
Mikko Kuustonen:Sik sak 3,-
Millennium Hip Hop Party: 2,- (Dr.Dre,Snoop Doggy Dogg,Run DMC,Naugty by nature…)
Millennium Party 2000: (Transonic,666,ATB, System F,Mike Koglin,K-System…) 2,-
Millennium Smash: (2CD, E-Type, Aqua, Sasha, Martay feat.ZZ Top:Gimme all your lovin'..) 2,5,-
Mindblowing Technomania 2: (1992,Traumatic Stress,2 unlimited,Human resource,X-es) 3,-
Ministry of Sound:The Annual 2000 (2CD, Superfunk, Afro Medusa, Darude, Lil Louis & Josh Wink..) 3,-
Ministry of Sound:The Ibiza Annual (2CD) 3,- (Agnelli+Nelson,Freestylers,Spacebass..)
Mintzkov:Rising sun, setting sun 3,-
Minä ja Morrison:Soundtrack 2,-
Minä ja Ville Ahonen:s/t 3,-
Miquel Brown:The Golden Classics 3,-
Miracle Fortress:Five roses 3,-
Misophone:Where has it gone, all the beautiful music of our grandparents? 3,-
Moby:18 3,5,-
Moby:Everything is wrong 3,5,-
Moby:Play 3,5,-
Moby:Play -The DVD (CD+DVD) 5,-
Modern Talking:The 7th Album-Back for good 4,-
Molella:Originale radicale musicale 2,5,-
Moment of Love (Queen, Genesis, Tina Turner, U2, Gary Moore, Kate Bush, Faith no More, Vaya con Dios..) 2,-
Monica:The boy is mine 2,-
Monserrat Caballe:Star Series –Opera pla..2,-
Monsters of Rap vol.2: (Run D.M.C, Fat Boys, Arrested Development,Candyman…) 3,-
Montag:Going places 2,5,-
Montany:New born day 3,5,-
Moonraker (2CD) (mm.Noisex,Testify,Secret Discovery,Die Form..) 2,5,-
Morcheeba:Fragments of freedom 2,5,-
Morten Harket:Wild seed (A-ha: laulaja, ei kansipapereja) 1,-
Most Wanted Hits:2 (E-Type,A-Teens,Shania Twain,Nightcrawlers,Princessa) 2,-
Mousse T.:Gourmet de funk 3,-
Mozart:Von weber 2,-
M People:Bizarre fruit 2,5,-
M People:The Best of 3,-
M Pokora:MP3 (mm.They talk shit about me) 2,-
Mr.President:Up‘n away–The special album 3,5,- (bonus Abba Medley&Coco jamboo Christmas version)
MSG:Back to Attack Live (1981-84) (4CDLongbox)(UK-import, ei myydä Suomessa) 25,-
MSG:Reactivate Live (1980-84)(4CDLongbox) (UK-import, ei myynnissä Suomessa!) 25,-
Motörhead:Ride the bullet (ei kansipapereita) 1,-
Muddy Waters:The call...20 blues classics 4,-
Musiikkia Televisiosarjasta “Tähtilampun Alla”: (J.Karjalainen ja Eppu Normaali biisejä) 2,-
My Latest Novel:Wolves 3,-
Naomi Campbell:Babywoman 2,5,-
Natalie Cole: Take a look 2,5,-
Natalie Imbruglia:Left of the middle 2,5,-
Nature’s Harmony:Music &sounds of... (2cd) 2,-
Navigators:Daily life illustrators (mm.:Come into my life, Superstar…) 2,5,-
Neil Diamond:The jazz singer –OST 3,5,-
Neil Young:After the gold rush 4,5,-
Nek:Lei,gli amici e tutto il resto 2,-
Nek:Nek 2,- (sis. Laura non esta)
Neljä Ruusua:Valuva taivas 3,-
Nelly Furtado:Mi plan 2,5,-
New Jack City:Soundtrack (Ice-T, 2 live crew, Queen Latifah,Keith Sweat,Essence..) 2,5,-
New Kids on the Block:Hangin’ tough 2,-
New Kids on the Block:Merry,merry christmas 1,5,-
New Party Planet '94: (Frankie goes to Hollywood:Relax, Rob'n'Raz:In command, AB Logic, Sven Väth, Messiah..) 2,5,-
New Rock & Alternative Classics:vol.3 (2CD, Soulfly, Bad Religion, Sepultura, Machine Head,Alice in Chains…) 2,5,-
Nick Heyward:Tangled 2,5,-
Nicki Minaj: Pink friday -Roman reloaded 3,-
Nick Kamen:Whatever,whenever 2,5,-
Niko Ahvonen:Eläköön vapaus! 2,-
Nine Black Alps:Everything is 2,-
Nite City Lite:Mixed by Dj Romm 2,-
Nomad:Changing cabins 3,-
No Doubt:Tragic kingdom 2,5,-(Don’t speak)
No Doubt:Tragic kingdom &Rock steady (2cd) 4,-
Noiz:Söhne mannheims 3,5,-
Now 1986 (2CD, Queen, Dire Straits, Peter Gabriel, Bangles, D.Bowie, Kim Wilde..) 4,-
Now 24: (2CD, Duran Duran, Ultravox, Bryan Ferry, Depeche Mode, Take That, Cappella..) 3,-
NRJ Hits 5: (2CD, Within temptation, The 69 Eyes,Chemical Brothers, Apocalyptica..) 2,-
Nuclear Valdez:Dream another dream 3,-
Nylon Beat:Demo 2,-
Oasis:Be here now 3,-
Olli Lindholm:Voima 2,5,-
Onnen Laulut: (Chisu, Lauri Tähkä, Kauko Röyhkä, Vesterinen, Terhi Kokkonen...) 2,-
On your 80's Radio: (Bangles, Toto, Paul Young, C.Lauper, B.Tyler, Nena..) 2,5,-
Oratory:Beyond earth 3,5,-
Oratory:Illusion dimensions 3,5,-
Orbital:Snivilisation 3,-
Orbital:The middle of nowhere 3,-
Organ Favourites: (James Culp-Organ) 2,-
Our Sleepless Forest:s/t 3,-
Outkast:Speakerboxxx/The love below 3,-
Paloma Faith:Do you want the truth or something beautiful? 3,-
PanDana:Pandana 3,-
Papa Dee:Lettin’ off steam 3,-
Pappa Bear:What’s my name? 2,- (Cherish)
Paradise Beach:Soundtrack (TV sarjasta) 2,-
Party Alarm:(2CD) 3,-(Opus:Live is life,Smokie:Who the fuck is Alice, Black Sabbath: Paranoid, Deep Purple:Smoke on the water, ym…)
Party Inside:(Scooter,Faithless,Dj Paul Elstak, Zhi-vago, Sublimnal Cuts, The Prodigy) 2,5,-
Party Mix:(mm.alkuper.Abba & Beatles ) 2,-
Party Zone:38 Great Party Tracks (2CD) 3,- (mm.Fragma,The Candyman,Da Buzz, Scooter..)
Pat Benatar:Greatest Hits Live–King Biscuit Flower Hour (incl. Rare tracks!) 4,-
Patricia Kaas:Kabaret (digipak) 3,-
Paul Anka:Love is (mm.My way, Games people play..) 3,-
Paul Simon:The Paul Simon Anthology (2CD) (Cecilia,Mrs.Roxinson,The boxer…) 4,5,-
Paul van Dyk:60 minute mix (Starecase, X-trax, Jose Amnesia..) 3,-
Paul van Dyk:Return of god! 3,-
Paul van Dyk:Seven ways (Special Limited Edition Double CD) 4,-
Paul van Dyk:The politics of dancing 3,-
Paul Young:Pop & Wave 2,5,- (kokoelma)
Paul Young:Singles Collection –From time.. (mm.Wherever I lay my hat,Everytime you go away,Come back and stay,Senza una donna) 3,-
Paula Abdul:Greatest Hits 3,5,-
Pearl Jam:Vitalogy (digibook) 4,5,-
Peer Gunt:Bad boys are here -Anthology (2CD) 7,5,-
Peer Gunt:Golden Greats –Best of 5,-
Peer Gunt:No piercing no tattoo 1,- (ei kansipapereita)
Pekka Lehti: Outo voima 3,-
Per Gessle Project:Son of a plumber (2CD) 4,-
Peter Andre:Natural 2,- (sis.Mysterious girl)
Peter Andre:Time 2,-
Peter Cetera:Collection–You’re the inspiraton 3,-
Petri Salminen:Elämä vie 3,-
Pet Shop Boys:Behaviour 4,-
Pet Shop Boys:Disco 2 4,-
Pet Shop Boys:Discography –The Complete Singles Collection 4,5,-
Pet Shop Boys:Fundamental 3,5,-
Pet Shop Boys:Introspective 4,-
Pet Shop Boys:Nightlife 3,5,-
Pet Shop Boys:Very 3,5,-
Pharao: Pharao 4,5,-
Phil Collins:…but seriously 3,- (mm.Another day in paradise,I wish it would rain down,)
Pikku G:Räjähdysvaara XXL (2CD) 1,-
Plan B:The defamation of Strickland banks 2,5,-
Placebo:Meds -Special Edition (CD+DVD) 3,-
Platters:Golden Hits Collection 3,-
Point Break:Freaky time 2,-
Pointer Sisters:Collections (Jump, I'm so exited, Slow hand, Fire, Neutron dance...) 3,-
Pointer Sisters:Hot together 3,-
Pointer Sisters:Only sisters can do that 3,-
Pointer Sisters:From the Pointer sisters with love 3,-
Pop Nyt!: (Tauski & Virpi,Kake Randelin, Cat Cat,Muska,Juhamatti,Tauski…) 1,-
Poptaivas:(Dingo,Hanoi Rocks,Jean S,Eppu Normaali, L.Tähkä,Yö) 1,-
Pop Xtra 2010: 1,- (Vesterinen yhtyeineen,Yö, Lauri Tähkä,Irina,Haloo Helsinki,Indica…)
Power Cuts (Scorpions, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, Status Quo, E.Clapton:Cocaine, BTO..) 2,5,-
Powermix vol.3 (Malcolm J.Hill, Danuta, Moltocarina, Patty Ryan..) 9,-
Powermixer:Most powerful I 3,-
Pretty Woman:Origianal Soundtrack (Roy Orbison,Roxette,David Bowie,Robert Palmer, Red Hot Chili Peppers..) 2,-
Prince:The Hits 2 3,- (mm.Purple rain, Kiss..)
Progression Sessions -Blame feat. DRS (Artemis, Odyssey, Total science..) 3,-
Progression Sessions -LTJ Bukem feat. Mc Conrad 3,-
Progression Sessions -LTJ Bukem feat. Mc Conrad (2CD) 4,-
Progression Sessions -LTJ Bukem feat. Mc Conrad:America Live 2001 (2CD) 4,-
Progression Sessions -LTJ Bukem feat. Mc Conrad and DRS (2CD) 4,-
Project 86:Truthless heroes 2,-
Protoni:22:15 2,-
Puff Daddy:Forever 2,-
Puff Daddy & the Family:No way out (mm. I’ll be missing you)(1997) 2,5,-
Pulssi vol.1: (Haddaway,Murphy Brown vs. Captain Hollywood:Axel F 2003,Scooter…) 2,5,-
Pure Finnish Rock -Aitoa Suomirokkia: Poko Recordsin historia -100 biisiä 5 CD:tä 20,-
Pure Rock Ballads:2 (Bon Jovi,Def Leppard, Guns n’Roses,Aerosmith,INXS,B.Adams) 2,5,-
Puuha-Pete:Levy 3,-
Päivi Lepistö:Yöperhonen 2,5,-
Queen (Plays The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) 1,-
Quintessence:Talk less listen more 2,5,-
Ra:Punainen virta 2,5,-
Rappers Paradise III:(2CD, 2Pac,Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre,C-Block,Jay-Z,Xzibit,Mc Lyte…) 3,-
Rasmus:Hellofacollection 2,-
Rasmus:Hellofatester 1,5,-
Rasmus:Peep 2,- (mm. Ghostbusters)(1996)
Rasmus:Playboys 2,-
Rat Cats:Rat Cats (suomi rockabilly) 4,5,-
Raul Orellana:Crossover 2,5,-
Ray:Original Soundtrack 3,- (Original recordings by Ray Charles)
Ray Charles:Collection 3,5,-
Ready Steady Hits:(2CD)(mm.Oasis,Six was Nine,Gun:Word up,The Commitments..) 2,5,-
Red Hot Chili Peppers:What Hits 4,-
Rednex:Sex & violins 3,- (Wish you were here)
Reef:Rides 2,5,-
Reggae: (Peter Tosh, Third World, Joe Cocker:Summer in the city, Maxi Priest:Wild world, Aswad..) 2,5,-
Regina:Puutarhatrilogia 3,-
Reincarnation 2002: (CD+DVD, Aquagen, Sven Väth,Kai Tracid,Dance Nation..) 3,-
Reloaded:2 (2CD) 3,- (Queens of Stone Age,Manic Street Preachers,Coldplay,Blink 182,
Oasis,Garbage,Bloodhound Gang,Ash…)
R.E.M:Monster 2,5,-
R.E.M:Out of time 3,- (Losing my religion)
R.E.M:Reveal 2,5,-
R.E.M:The Best of REM 3,-
Re:play Dance Rock Mania: (Space Dogs:Smoke on the water, Eric Craft:Just a gigolo, Vasco & Millboy:Rebel yell..) 3,-
Reprinted:The most unbelievable band in the world 2,-
Ressu Redford:Ressu (Kuka on se oikea, Älä mee..) 3,-
Ressu Redford:Soolo 2,5,-
Ressu Redford:Taas aurinko nousee 3,-
Revoltons:Night visions 3,5,-
Rewind:24 Techno Classics (2CD, Humanoid, 99,Human Resource,L.A.Style,LFO) 3,-
Richard Clayderman:Memories 2,5,- (1988!)
Richard Marx:Greatest Hits 3,-
Richard Marx:Paid vacation 2,5,-
Richard Marx:Rush street 3,-
Richi M.Perfect world 2.5,-
Richi M:Songs of tomorrow 2.5,-
Rick Astley:Body & soul 2,-
Rick Astley:Whenever you need somebody (1987!) 3,-
Ricky Martin: Ricky Martin (1999) 2,-
Ricky Martin:Sound loaded 2,-
Ricky Martin:Vuelve 2,-
Ric Ocasek:Fireball zone 3,5,- (Carsin laulaja)
Riki Sorsa:Changing tunes (Reggae ok) 3,5,-
Ringo Starr:Ringo rama (2CD,limit.ed+DVD) 4,5,-
Robbie Nevil:Day 1 3,-
Robbie Williams:Escapology 2,5,-
Robbie Williams:Intensive care 2,5,-
Robbie Williams:I’ve been expecting you 2,5,-
Robbie Williams:Live summer 2003 2,5,-
Robbie Williams:Rudebox 2,5,-
Robert Miles:23am 3,-
Robert Palmer:Honey 3,5,-
Robyn:Don’t stop the music 2,-
Robyn:Is here 2,- (2CD, Nightwish, HIM, Stalingrad Cowgirls, Viikate, Northern Kings...)(ei kansia) 1,-
Rock around the Clock: (Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran,Johnny & the Hurricanes…) 2,-
Rock Box (4CD, Nazareth, Deep Purple, Anthrax, Uriah Heep, Paul Di'anno, Queen, UFO...) 4,-
Rock Classics:vol.8 (Dio,Judas Priest,Rush, Krokus,Thin Lizzy,Deep Purple,Bonfire,ym..) 2,-
Rock Giants:(mm.Elvis,E.Cochran,B.Haley) 2,-
Rock Hit Box! (Nazareth, Status Quo, Gary Moore, Dave Edmunds Band, Asia..) 2,-
Rockin Da North:RDN Allstars 2,-
Rock Super Stars vol.3: (Queen,Chicago,Peter Gabriel,T.Turner,David Bowie,MOldfield) 2,-
Rock the World:vol.2 (mm.Saxon, Ringo Starr, Eurythmics, Bonnie Tyler, ym…) 2,-
Rod Stewart:Classic Collection 3,-
Rod Stewart:The Best of (Maggie May, Baby Jane, Da ya think I'm sexy?, Sailing..) 3,-
Roger Sanchez:The Global house experience 3,-
Rolling Stones:A bigger bang 4,-
Ronan Keating:Ronan 2,-
Rowaltz:Rowaltz 2,5,-
Roxette:Crash! Boom! Bang! 2,5,-
Roxette:Greatest Hits 3,-
Roxette:Have a nice day 2,5,-
Roxette:Joyride 3,-
Roxette:Look sharp! 3,-
Roxette:Room service 2,-
Roxette:Tourism 3,-
Royal Bangs:Let it beep 2,5,-
Roy Orbison:The Best Years 3,-
Rozalla:Everybody’s free-style 3,-
Rumba Tres:Amazonia 2,- (rumba/salsa)
Rubik:Dada bandits 2,5,-
Saanko Luvan:22 suomalaista suosikkitanssia (T.Soidinmäki, J.Drebreczeni, T.Sorsakoski) 2,-
Sade:Promise 3,-
Safri Duo:Episode II 2,-
Sakari Kuosmanen:Kuu ja kulkija 3,-
Sally Oldfield:Three rings 2,5,-
Samantha Fox:The Very Best 3,- (Touch me, Do ya do ya (wanna please me), I surrender)
Sami Saari:Do re mi 2,5,-
Samuli Edelmann:Greatest Hits 3,-
Samuli Edelmann:Kaikki tahtoo 2,5,-
Samuli Edelmann:Parhaat 3,-
Samuli Edelmann:Tuhat yötä 3,-
Santana:Shaman 3,5,-
Santana:Supernatural 3,-
Santana:The Best 4,-
Sara Nunes:How to rule the world 2,-
Sarah Brightman:Eden 3,-
Sarah Brightman:Fly 3,5,-
Sarah Brightman:La luna 3,5,-
Sarah Brightman:The Very Best of 4,-
Sarah Brightman:Timeless 3,-
Sarah Connor:Green eyed soul 2,5,-
Sarah Connor:Key to my soul 2,5,-
Sarah Connor:Unbelievable 2,5,-
Sash!:Life goes on 3,-
Sasha:Dedicated to…2,5,- (mm.If you believe)
Sass Jordan:Rats 2,5,-
Saunet:Faith 3,- (Basic Element –laulajan soolo)
Savage Garden:Affirmation 2,-
Savage Garden: Savage Garden 2,5,-
S.Carey:All we grow (digipak) 3,-
S.Carey:Range of light 3,-
Scissor Sisters:Remixed! 2,5,-
Screen: The Club Collection (Swift, Jonesey, Perwert, Mirror Ball..) 2,-
Seal:Soul 2 3,-
Sean Paul:Tomahawk technique 2,5,-
Sensual Rhythms: 2,- (Charles & Eddie,Inner City,Sydney Youngblood,Soul II Soul…)
Serious Ballads: 2,-(Duran Duran,ABC,Living in a Box,Richard Marx, Poison:Every rose h.)
Serious Rock &Pop: 2,-(Red Hot Chili Peppers, Babylon Zoo:Spaceman,Simple Minds..)
Seven Stories:Judges and bagmen 2,5,-
Shadow Keep:A chaos theory 4,-
Shaggy:Hotshot 2,5,-
Shaggy:Lucky day 2,5,-
Shakespears Sister:Long live the queens! (kokoelma, hitit + paljon remix versioita) 4,-
Shakin’ Stevens:Greatest Hits 3,-
Shakin’ Stevens:Outlaw man 3,-
Shakin’ Stevens:The Hits vol.2 3,- (Lipstick powder and paint,Hot dog,Josephine…)
Shakira:Laundry service 2,-
Shakira:Laundry service (CD + DVD) 3,-
Shampoo:We are shampoo 2,5,-
Shania Twain:Come on over 2,- (mm.That don't impress me much)
Shania Twain:Shania Twain 2,-
Shania Twain:Up! (2CD) 3,-
Sheidi:Arvaa mitä? 2,-
She Moves:Breaking all the rules 2,-
Sheryl Crow:Tuesday night music club 2,5,- (mm. All I wanna do, Strong enough)
Silverchair:Frogstomp 2,5,-
Simo Silmu:Sydänsärkyä 2,-
Simple Minds:Greatest Hits 3,-
Simple Minds:Neapolis 3,-
Simply Red:Men and women 2,5,-
Sister Sledge:s/t (mm.We are family) 2,5,-
Six Feet Under:Bringer of blood (promo) 2,-
Six Feet Under: 3,- (mm.Sepultura,Obituary, Fear Factory,Deicide,Atrocity,Pestilence…)
Skribble’s House:Mixed by Dj Skribble 2,- (Dance Nation,Depeche Mode,Trisco…)
Skin:Fleswounds 3,-
Skunk Anansie:Stoosh 3,-
Slade:Greatest Hits 4,-
Slade:The Slade Collection 81-87 4,5,-
Sleepless in Seattle:Soundtrack (Celine Dion, Nat”King”Cole,L.Armstrong,J.Cocker..) 2,-
Slow Hill:Finndisc 2,5,-
Slusnik Luna:Aamukaste 5am -Chill out Collection 2,5,-
Sly and the Family Stone:Members edition 2,5,-
Smash 3 (1988, T'Pau, B.Carlisle, Johnny Hates Jazz, Billy Idol, Feargal Sharkey..) 2,5,-
Smash 4 (1988, Sandra,Taylor Dayne,Kylie Minoque,Ofra Haza,Patrick Swayze..) 2,5,-
Smash 8 (Blue System, Bad Boys Blue, Snap, Guru Josh, Human League..) 2,5,-
Smash 9 (Bad Boys Blue,Snap,Enigma,Lili & Susie,Blue System,Dr.Alban,Black Box..) 2,5,-
Smash 11: (Kim Wilde,U96,Chyp-notic,Felix, Dr.Alban,Blue System,Sir Mix-a-lot..) 2,5,-
Smokie:The Hit Box (10 CD BOX) 23,-
Smurffit:Tanssihitit 2,-
Smurffit:Tanssihitit vol.2 2,-
Snow:12 inches of snow 1,-
S.O.A.P.:Miracle 3,5,-
Soft Cell:Master Series (Best of) 3,- (Tainted love,Torch,Where did our love go?)
Songs in the key of X:Music from the X-files (Mark Snow,Foo Fighters,Nick Cave& the bad seeds,Rob Zombie & A.Cooper,Danzig, ym.) 2,-
Sonique:Hear me cry 2,- (mm.It feels so good)
Sophie B. Hawkins:Whaler 3,-
Sophie Ellis-Bextor:Shoot from the hip 3,-
Soul Asylum:Grave dancers union 3,5,- (mm. Runaway train,Black gold,Without a trace)
Soultans:Love, sweat & tears 2,5,-
Soundi CD 1998 (Ismo Alanko, Dave Lindholm, Kauko Röyhkä, Problems...) 1,-
Soundtrack Smashes:The ‘80’s (alkuperäis vers: J.Hammer: Miami vice,H.Faltermeyer:Axel F ym…) 3,-
South:With the tides 3,-
South Park:Music from the Motion Picture-Bigger, Longer & Uncut 2,5,-
Spagna:No way out ´2,5,-
Spagna:You are my energy 3,-
Speed:Original Motion Picture Score 2,5,-
Spesialisti:Takas tukikohtaan 2,5,-
Spice Girls:Forever 2,-
Spice Girls: Spice 2,-
Spice Girls:Spice world 2,-
Spider-man 2:Soundtrack 2,-(Maroon 5,Danny Elfman,Hoobastank,The Ataris,Jet,Train…)
Spinetingler II: 3,- (Children of Bodom,Sonata Arctica,Nightwish,Finntroll,Warmen,Rapture)
Spirit in the Sky: (Greenbaum:Spirit in the sky,Shocking Blue:Venus,Animals:House of the raising sun,D.McLean:American pie,The Band) 3,-
Sportti Hitit: (harvinainen v.1990,mm: Popeda, Juice, Eput, Edu Kettunen,P. Mustajärvi) 3,-
Sri Hari:Rising sign 2,-
Staind:Break the cycle 2,5,-
StandArt2:Checkpoint (cdr, bändin omistuskirjoituksella) 2,5,-
Starsailor:Love is here 2,5,-
State of Independents:Vol.2 (Art of Trance, ATB,Kinobe,Hybrid,The Grifters.) 2,-
Status Quo:Don’t stop 4,-
Steely Dan:The Best of –Then and now 4,-
Stella:Löytäjä saa pitää 2,5,-
Stella Getz:Forbidden dreams ( 3,5,-
Stevie Wonder:20 Classic Hits 4,-
Stevie Wonder:A Greatest Hits Collection 4,-
Stevie Wonder:Hotter than july 4,-
Stiltskin:The mind's eye 3,- (mm. Inside)
Sting:Brand new day 3,-
Sting:The Best of –Fields of gold 3,5,-
Strauss:Music from Vienna III 2,-
Strauss:The Strauss Collection 2,-
Stray Cats:The very best of (ei kansipapereita) 1,5,-
Street'n'Beach (Solid Base, Dj Bobo, Paradisio:Bailando, Ondina, Sash!, T-Spoon..) 2,5,-
Street Vibes:2,-(Eminem,Cypress Hill, Dr.Dre, WuTang Clan, Kapasiteettiyksikkö...)
Streetwise Rap & Hip Hop:(2CD) 3,-(Kool Moe Dee,Tribe called quest,Whodini,Steady B)
Sturm und Drang:Learning to rock 2,-
Style Council:Introducing the Style Council 2,5,-
Suede:A new morning 3,-
Sugarbabes:Overloaded -The Remix Collection (Promo) 3,-
Suma:Soundtrack (S.Kaasinen,K.Hyttinen..) 2,5,-
Summer in the City: (Mamas&the Papas: Monday monday,Turtles:Happytogether,Kinks) 2,-
Summer in the City:3 (Survivor:Eye ofthe tiger, J.Parr:St.Elmos fire, ABC:Look of love) 2,-
Summer Sun Hits 2 (Tess, Max Graham vs Yes:Owner of a lonely heart, Moby...) 2,-
Suomi Hip Hop -kokoelma 2 (Ezkimo, Ritarikunta, Fkegmaatikot, Mikrofonistit) 3,-
Suomipoppia 3: (2CD; Yö,Happoradio,Tuure Kilpeläinen,Negative,Paleface,HIM…) 3,5,-
Suomipoppia 6: (2CD, Apulanta,Yö,Eppu Normaali,Indica,Apocalyptica…) 3,5,-
Suomirokkia:8 (2CD, Yö,Kotiteollisuus, Apulanta,Negative,Irina,Stratovarius..) 4,-
Super Trance 2010: (2CD, Airscape, Gaia,A.van Buuren,Dash Berlin)(papru kostunut) 2,-
Super Trance 2011: (2CD, Sander van Dorn, Ferry Corsten, A. van Buuren...) 3,5,-
Super Troopers:Abba Remixes 2,5,- (mm.3 Abba Medleytä= yhteenmixattu hittejä)
Susanna Hoffs:When you’re a boy 2,5,-
Suurlähettiläät:No niin 2,5,-
Suurlähettiläät:Kokoelmalevy 3,-
Suurlähettiläät:Lämmittäkää vettä ja tuokaa..2,-
Suurlähettiläät:Omituisten otusten kerho 2,-
Suurlähettiläät:Valgrid 2,5,-
Suzanne Vega:The Best of–Tried and True 4,-
Sven Väth:Accident in paradise 4,-
Switchfoot:Hello hurricane 3,-
Sydney Youngblood:Just the way it is 3,-
Sydney Youngblood:Passion, grace and s..2,5,-
Sylvester:The Original Hits 4,- (harvinainen cd v.1989!)
Synteesi –Suomibuumi vol.1 (Mira:Vie mut minne vaan,Tese:Autiotalo,N.Martikainen) 2,-
System of a Down:Steal this album 5,-
Tahdon:Maailman kauneinta häämusiikkia (2CD,Akselin ja Elinan häävalssi jne..) 3,5,-
Taikapeili:Suuri salaisuus -11+5 painos 2,5,-
Take That:Everything changes 2,-
Take That:Greatest Hits 2,5,-
Take That:Nobody else 2,-
Talk Talk:The Collection 3,-
Tanita Tikaram:Ancient heart 3,-
Tantrance (2CD, Astral Projection, Trancewave, Hallucinogen, Bassline Baby..) 5,-
Tapestry -Revisited: A tribute to Carole King (Rod Stewart, Richard Marx, Aretha Franklin, Bee Gees..) 3,-
Tapio Liinoja:Näin kuvittelen sinut 2,-
Tarja Lunnas:Seine 3,-
t.A.T.u:200 km/h in the wrong lane 2,5,-
Tauski:Taivaassa tavanneet 2,-
Technicolour:Way out 2,5,-
Techno & Dance 7: (Imperio, Dj Bobo, Fun Factory, Alexia, Cappella, Corona...) 3,5,-
Technoworld: (Quadrophonia,Ultra Sonic, Holy Noise,Dj Caligula ,Problem House) 3,-
Ten Sharp:The fire inside 2,5,-
Ten Sharp:Under the water-line 3,- (mm.You)
Terence Trent D’arby:Introducing the hardline according to 3,5,-
Terence Trent D’arby:Neiter fish nor flesh 3,-
Terence Trent D’arby:Symphony or damn (mm. Delicate) 3,5,-
Teri Ann Linn:Love is the answer 2,-
Terra Deva:Pulled apart 3,-
Teräsbetoni:Metallitotuus 3,-
Texas:The Greatest Hits 2,5,-
That Thing You Do!:Original Soundtrack 2,5,- (T.Hanks –leffa, rock’n’rollia, The Wonders)
The Annual Spring 2001 (2CD, Delerium, Schiller, X-Press 2, Cosmic Gate, Public Domain..) 3,-
The Annual 2003: (3CD, Scooter, N-Trance, Interactive, Dj Alligator Project,Members of Mayday, Brooklyn Bounce, Novaspace, Trinity-X, Jakatta) 3,5,-
The Armada:Rage of the armada 3,5,-
The Best 6 (-88,Secret Service,S-express..) 2,5,-
The Best 13(Bad Boys Blue, Blue System, Bonnie Tyler, Snap:Rhythm is a dancer..) 2,5,-
The Best of Italo Disco: (Silver Pozzoli, Miko Mission, Fun Fun, Ryan Paris,Moses…) 4,-
The Best of Love 2: (Aerosmith, M.Jackson, W.Houston, C.Dion, Jennifer Rush) 1,5,-
The Blues Story: 2,- (mm.Muddy Waters,John Lee Hooker, Howlin’ Wolf, BB King, J.Reed…)
The Braxton Brothers:Now & forever 3,-
The Cars:Classic Perform. Live (CD+dvd) 6,-
The Chariot:The fiancee 3,-
The Commitments:Original Soundtrack 3,-
The Commitments:vol.2 –Orig. Soundtrack 3,-
The Commodores:The ultimate collection 3,-
The Corrs:The Best of 2,5,-
The Corrs:Talk on corners 2,-
The Crickets & Buddy Holly:Cover to cover 3,-
The Duplo:Rainbow 2,5,-
The Eagles:London Symphony Orchestra 1,-
The Guidance Collection -Mixed By A:xus (Blueboy, Nuspirit Helsinki, Callisto, Frash and low..) 2,-
The Heat Is On: 2,- (mm.Glenn Frey:The heat is on,Santa Esmeralda:Don’t let me be mis- understood, B.Ocean:Carribean queen, Jan Hammer: Miami Vice Theme, ym…)
The Ibiza Annual -Summer 2000 (2CD, Tom Novy, Hi-Gate, York, Orion, Spiller) 3,-
The Love Album: (1988!, Black:Wonderful life, Heart,Sade,Berlin,Climie Fisher,Elt. John) 2,-
The Mighty Mighty Bostones:Devil night.. 2,5,-
The Motorhomes:The long distance runner 2,5,-
The Movies Greatest Love Songs (Berlin:Take my breath away-Top gun,Mark Knopfler:Going home,Unchained melody-Ghost..) 2,5,-
The Music of Eagles 1,-
The Next Best Thing:Music from the Motion Picture (Madonna,C.Aquilera,Moby.) 2,-
The Nixons:Foma 2,5,-
The No.1 Dance Hits Album: (4CD, Eric Prydz, Fatboy Slim,Benny Benassi,Tomcraft..) 3,-
The Number 1 Soul Collection: (Ben E King, P.Phillips:Sea of love, E.Floyd:Knock on wood) 2,-
The Rasmus:Dead letters 2,-
The Rasmus:Dead letters –Limited Edition (sis. bonus-CD, 2 biisiä + 2 videota) 3,-
The Rasmus:Hellofacollection 2,-
The Rasmus:Into 1,5,-
The Rock Collection vol.1 (mm. Rainbow,Lynyrd Skynyrd,Dr.Feelgood,Slade, Thin Lizzy,Status Quo,Gary Moore, ym…) 2,5,-
The Rock Collection vol.2 (mm.ELO,The Guess Who,Cozy Powell,Canned Heat,Byrds) 2,-
The Rock Collection vol.3 (mm.Stray Cats, Hanoi Rocks,Judas Priest,Motörhead,Heart, Far Corporation:Stairway to heaven…) 2,-
The Sound of Screen: (Perwert,Raven Maize, Soul Logic,Indirect,Angel Moraes)(2CD) 2,5,-
The Space Brothers:Shine (2CD) 3,-
The Summer Party Album:(2CD,Sabrina:Boys, Opus:Live is life,Baltimora,Dr.Alban..) 3,-
The Supremes:Baby love 2,5,-
The tallest man on earth:Sometimes the blues is just a passing bird 2,-
The Ultimate Party Album: (2CD, Haddaway, Modern Talking,Daze,Culture Beat,Nena..) 3,-
The Ultimate Rock Album: (mm.Europe,Ted Nugent,S.Ray Vaughan,J.Winter,Kansas, Boston,Aldo Nova,Journey, Glenn Hughes..) 2,-
The World of Italo Bootmixes (2CD, Koto, Scotch, Ken Laszlo, Roger Meno, Cruisin' Gang, Hipnosis, Fred Ventura...) 8,-
Through the Eyes -presented By Krust (2CD, Krust, Roni Size, , Suv, Surge..) 3,-
Thunder:The thrill of it all 2,5,-
Timbaland: presents Shock Value 2,,-
Timi Lexikon:Kuka on Timi Lexicon (promo!) 3,-
Timmy T:Time after time 2,5,-
Tina:Joka solulla 3,-
Tina Arena:Don't ask 2,5,-
Tina Cousins:Killing time 2,5,-
Tina Turner:Break every rule (1986) 3,5,-
Tina Turner:Foreign affair 3,- (mm.The best)
Tina Turner:Twenty four seven 2,5,-
Tina Turner:What’s love got to do with it 3,-
Tina Turner:Wildest dreams 2,5,- (mm.Goldeneye)
TLC:CrazySexyCool 2,-
Tomas Ledin:Ett samlings album 1990 3,- (incl. Sommaren är kort)
Tomi Metsäketo:Primo 2,-
Tom Jones:20 Fantastic Hits 3,-
Tom Jones:Mr. Jones 2,5,-
Tom Jones:Reload 2,5,-
Tom Jones:The Best of..Tom Jones (Kiss, Delilah, It's not unusual, What's new pussycat, She's a lady...) 3,-
Tom Jones:The lead and how to swing it 3,-
Tommi Soidinmäki:Kotkan siivet 3,-
Tommy Ekman:Tommy Ekman (1990) 3,5,-
Toni Basil:The Very Best of 2,5,-
Toni Braxton: The heat 2,5,- (mm. He wasn’t man enough, Spanish guitar, ym…)
Top Gear 2: (2CD, Rainbow,Blue Öyster Cult,Alice Cooper,Graham Bonnet…) 3,-
Top Hits Megamix 1994 vol.2: 3,- (Dj Bobo, Cappella, Ice Mc, Maxx, E-rotic, Mo-Do, 2 unlimited..)
Top Musicians play The Beatles: (Bobby Kimball,Steve Lukather,John Wetton, Albert Lee,Molly Hatchet, Geoff Downes..) 3,-
Totally Trippin’: (2CD, LFO, Vinyl countdown, Dj Hell, Holy Language, Notzucht…) 2,5,-
T’Pau:Rage 2,5,-
Tracy Chapman:Matters of the heart 2,5,-
Trance 80's (CD+DVD)(Mark Oh', Aquagen, Talla 2XLC, Resource, Baracuda...) 3,5,- 1: (2CD, Warp Brothers, Pulsedriver,Kosmonova,Mauro Picotto) 3,-
Trance Nation 99-1 (3CD, Da Hool, Penetrator, Hypertrophy, Dj Arek..) 5,-
Trance Nation: (2CD, Mach 747,Ian van Dahl, Thrillseekers,The Mystery,Dj Tiesto..) 3,-
Trance Nation 01 >>00 (2CD, Ayla, Liquid Love, Trance Allstars, Prototype, Taiko..) 3,5,-
Trance Nation 02>>00 (2CD, Alpha Breed, Kosmonova, Delerium, Winx, William Orbit...) 3,5,-
Trance Nation 2003:(Divine Inspiration,Lasgo, Ian van Dahl,Aquagen,Dj Tiesto,System F) 2,-
Trance Nation:13 (3CD) 3,-(Beam &Yanou, Kai Tracid, Taucher, Intrance, Electroworld.. )
Trance Nation:Future (2CD, Dj Sammy, Push, System F, Slacker,Chicane, Jan Wayne) 3,-
Trancing Queen:Dj Ensamble presents Abba songs in new dance versions 3,-
Travis:12 Memories 2,5,-
Travis:The invicible band 2,5,-
Trivium:Ascendancy 4,5,-
Troll:Put your hands in the air 3,-
Troll:Troll (mm. Jimmy Dean) 4,-
True Voices (1990, Gene Clark,Jackie Lomax, John Stewart,P.F.Sloan,Pat Robinson..) 2,-
Try’n’B:Sexy eyes (tuottaja:Frank Farian) 2,5,-
Tuomas Iso-Ahola:Lännen lokari 2,-
Turo’s Hevi Gee:20 Turo’s Hevi Geetä 3,-
Turo’s Hevi Gee:Santapaperia 3,-
Tuula:Inside your love 2,-
Tyrävyö:Tyrävyö 2,5,-
U2:All that you can’t leave behind 3,-
U2:Live –Under a blood red sky 3,-
U2:Pop 2,-
U2:Rattle & hum 3,-
U2:Zooropa 3,-
UB 40:Labour of love II 3,-
UB 40:Promises and lies 3,- (mm.Can’t help falling in love)
UB 40:The Best of (mm.Red red wine) 3,5,-
UB 40:UB 40 3,-
Ultramariini:Ydin (digipak) 2,5,-
Uniklubi:Kehä 2,-
Uniklubi:Rakkautta ja piikkilankaa 2,-
Usher:8701 2,-
Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2012 (Stig, Freeman & Uusi Fantasia...) 2,-
Valley’s Eve:Deception of pain 4,-
Vanessa Amorosi:The power 2,-
Vanessa-Mae:Storm 2,-
Vanessa-Mae:The Classical Album 2,-
Vanessa-Mae:The violin player 2,-
Vangelis:1492 3,5,-
Vasaria:Vasaria (1997) 2,5,-
Veeti:Veeti (Veeti Kallio, 2002) 2,5,-
Vengaboys:The Platinum Album 3,-
Villa Nah:Origin 2,5,-
Virgin Voices:A tribute to Madonna (Berlin, Heaven 17, Dead or Alive, Gene loves Jezebel) 2,-
Virtuoso:Virtuoso (2006) 2,-
Viva Interaktive:(2CD)(Pharao,Jean Michel Jarre,Depeche Mode,Marusha, Dj Bobo,Nana) 2,5,-
Viva L'Italia 1861-2011 (3CD, Al Bano, Maria Callas, Patty Bravo, Madonina...) 3,5,-
Voicen Kesähitti 2012: (2CD,Cheek:Sokka irti,Elokuu:Saatilla, Pariisin Kevät:Kesäyö, Uniikki:Paita pois, Stig, P.Nygård, GG Caravan:On se hienoo) 2,-
Waldo’s People:No-man’s-land 3,5,-
Waldo’s People: Waldo’s People 3,5,- (1998)
Waldo’s People: Waldo’s People (ei kansipapereita) 1,-
Walk On: (2CD) (B.Springsteen,Toto, Elo, M.Jackson, P.McCartney, R.Speedowagon..) 2,5,-
Weather Girls:Double tons of fun (mm. It's raining men) 3,-
“Weird Al” Yankovic:UHF Soundtrack 3,5,-
Wendy & Lisa:Are you my baby (Kokoelma) 2,-
Westlife:Coast to coast 1,5,-
Wet Wet Wet:10 2,-
Wet Wet Wet:Picture this 2,-
Wheatus:Wheatus 2,5,- (mm.Tenage dirtbag)
Where’s the Party?: (Lipps Inc:Funkytown, Baccara:Yes sir,Pointer Sisters:Jump,Gloria Gaynor:I will survive, D.Summer:Hot stuff..) 2,5,-
Whitney Houston:I’m your baby tonight 3,-
Whitney Houston:The greatest hits (2CD) 4,-
William Orbit:Pieces in a modern style (2CD) 3,5,-
Will Smith:Willenium 2,-
Wilma:Lautalla 2,-
Wilma:Pieni kauneus 2,-
Winted Cool Hits 2 (Scooter, D.O.N.S. feat. Technotronic:Pump up the jam, Dannii Minoque..) 2,-
Winted Cool Hits 3 (Cascada, United DJ's vs Pandora:Trust me, Sunrise Avenue:Fairytale gone bad..) 2,-
Wired-Up 2: (Linkin Park, Nickelback, Papa Roach,Sum 41,POD,Alien Ant Farm,Static-X) 2,-
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:The Greatest Composers (3CD, Eine kleine nachtmusik, Symphony no.41...) 3,-
Worlds Apart:Everybody 2,-
Wycleff Jean:The ecleftic 2,-
XL 5:Pedon merkki 2,-
X-perience:Magic fields 3,-
X-perience:Take me home 3,5,-
Ya-kida:Pride 3,-
Yazz:One on one 2,5,-
Yes:Something’s coming -The BBC recordings 1969-1970 (2CD) 4,-
Ylioppilaskunnan Laulajat:Uusi Joulu 2,-
Yung Joc:New Joc city 2,-
Yung Wun:The dirtiest thirstiest 2,-
Yö:Legenda -36 suurinta hittiä (2CD) 4,-
Yölintu:Tositarkoituksella 2,-
Yölintu:Tää on rankkaa 2,-
Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society:Alcohol fueled brewtality Live!! +5 (2CD) 5,-
Zero 7:Yeah ghost 4,-
Zucchero:Greatest Hits 2,- (Senza una donna)
ZYX Hit-Collection vol.3 (Rofo, Ice Mc, McSar & the Real McCoy…) 3,5,-
ZZ Top:Recycler 4,-

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