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  • Audio CD (15 May 2006)
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Label: Greensleeves Records
  • ASIN: B0002C5YDO

Track Listings


1. Physically Critically

2. Press A Button

3. I Love Weed

4. Every Posse (Fly Down)

5. Keep Accusing Me

6. I’ll Be Waiting

7. Champagne Bottle

8. Joey Joey

9. Wa-Do-Dem (Revisited)

10. Mean Dreams

11. Tek Wey

12. Politics

13. Pretty So

14. Let There Be Night

15. She’s Wet (Nuh Badda Lie Down)



Prolific reggae star with his unique "sing-jay" style. Has collaborated with artists as diverse as P.O.D. and Genaside II. The name is taken taken from the race horse he frequently bet (and lost money) on.

E. Mouse | Eea Mouse | Eek A Mouse | Eeka Mouse | Eka Mouse | Ikamouse | Mouse, The

Burning Spear
Augustus Pablo
Mighty Diamonds
King Tubby
Black Uhuru
Johnny Clarke
Buju Banton
De La Soul
The Specials
Wailing Souls
Junior Murvin
Bob Marley

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