Label: Sony BMG Music Entertainment

Format: CD, Album

Released: 2005

Genre: Hip Hop

Style: Poetry, Conscious

1 Wash It Down

2 Soobax

3 What's Hardcore?

4 My Old Home

5 Moment

6 I Was Stabbed By Satan

7 My God  8 Smile

9 If Rap Gets Jealous

10 The Dusty Foot Philosopher

11 Strugglin'

12 In The Beginning

13 Hoobaale

14 The African Way

Featuring – Mwafrika

15 Voices In My Head 

16 Boxing My Shadow

17 For Mohamoud (Soviet)

18 Until The Lion Learns To Speak


Real Name: Keinan Abdi Warsame


Somali-Canadian hip hop artist, born 1978 in Mogadishu, Somalia. When the civil war in Somalia reached the capital Mogadishu, his parents emigrated with their 13 year old son to Harlem, New York City, before moving to Canada, to the Toronto (Etobicoke) neighbourhood Jamestown in Rexdale, joining a small Somali-Canadian community, from where he started his musical career. His aunt Magool is revered as being one of Somalia's most famous singers of all time, while his grandfather Haji Mohamed was a renown poet back in Somalia. K'naan is a Muslim and his name means "traveler" in the Somali language.

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