CD Preschool Songs – 21 Classic Songs For Kids

Little David Presents

(P) & © MCMXCV Cedarmont Music LLC.


Section One (Stereo)

1.  Down by the station

2.   Bluebird, bluebird

3.   Lazy Mary

4.   My Bonnie

5.   Sarasponda

6.   The happy day express

7.   Where is Thumbkin ?

8.   It ain’t gonna rain

9.   Head, shoulders, knees and toes   

10.    Children, Jesus loves you   

11.    Bought me a cat (The Barnyard song)   

12.   The birdies in the treetops   

13.   The grand old Duke of York / A'hunting we will go medley   

14.    Oats, peas, beans and barley grow   

15.    Shoo, fly   

16.    Ring around the rosy   

17.    Everybody ought to love Jesus   

18.    The swing   

19.    The farmer in the dell   

20.    One little brown bird   

21.    It’s raining, it’s pouring

Section Two

(Tracks 22 – 42, all songs repeat in split-track format)

Split-tracks format enables you to use this CD for sing-along

accompaniment on your stereo CD player.

To hear the instruments only, turn the balance all the way to the left.

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