Label: SMEJ Associated Records – AICP 263

Format: CD, Album, Compilation, Digipak

Released: 2002

Genre: Electronic

Style: Downtempo, Drum n Bass

1 Bird Song (Earthbound Remix Slow Version)

Remix – Earthbound (2)


2 Under Your Sky (Origin Unknown Remix)

Remix – Origin Unknown


3 So Blue It's Black (Heavy Manners Remix)

Remix – Heavy Manners


4 So Blue It's Black (Peshay Vs Photek Mix)

Remix – Peshay, Photek


5 So Blue It's Black (Juryman Aberasch Returns To Addis Voice Mix)

Remix – Juryman


6 In The Picture (Intega Mix)

Remix – Intega


7 Under Your Sky (Divine Styler Without Rap Remix)

Remix – Divine Styler


8 Shaken (Fauna Flash Drum & Bass Mix)

Remix – Fauna Flash


9 Under Your Sky (Spacek Remix)

Remix – Spacek


10 In The Picture (Original)


11 So Blue It's Black (Restless Soul Peaktime Mix)

Remix – Restless Soul


12 Shaken (Fauna Flash Timbales Remix)

Remix – Fauna Flash


Under Your Sky is beautiful crafted and polished album, with roots in Drum & Bass, but also adds some flavor from Soul, Nu-Jazz and HipHop. The awesome Singer/Songwriter Jeb Loy Nichols from the late Folk-Reggae masters Fellow Travellers adds some song structure to the Underwolves-Tracks. So now the lads follow up with the album Under Your Sky Remixes, which only partially deserves that title. Only four of the twelve tracks of Under Your Sky have been reworked, but some of those were remixed several times. Luckily the new mixes are far apart from the originals giving them a new trist. A favorite is "So Blue It's Black". Heavy Manners reduces the vocals to a few samples and let the released energy flow onto the beats, which gives it an almost minimal dancefloor track feel. Peshay and Photek let the original thin out to a pure Drum & Bass backbone. Totally different compared to that is Juryman Aberasch: Tribal-Beats mixed in with some jazzy soundcarpets. The constrast is added by Earthbounds nice feeling Slow Version of "Bird Song" with a slow moving rhythm that gives Nichols’ pleasant voice more room to go on. Just before you think this might be a Down-Beat record, the Drum & Bass wizards Andy C and Ant Miles alias Origin Unknown turn it up a notch. In other words, Under Your Sky Remixes has a lot more diversity and tempo changes than its’ original

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