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Hot Water Music is a collection of short stories by Charles Bukowski. The collection deals largely with: drinking, women, gambling, and writing. It is an important collection that establishes Bukowski's minimalist style and his thematic oeuvre.


 Less Delicate than the Locust
 Scream When You Burn
 A Couple of Gigolos
 The Great Poet
 You Kissed Lily
 Hot Lady
 It's a Dirty World
 900 Pounds
 Decline and Fall
 Have You Read Pirandello?
 Strokes to Nowhere
 Some Mother
 Scum Grief
 Not Quite Bernadette
 Some Hangover
 A Working Day
 The Man Who Loved Elevators
 Head Job
 Turkeyneck Morning
 In and Out and Over
 I love you Albert
 White Dog Hunch
 Long Distance Drunk
 How To Get Published
 The Death of the Father I
 The Death of the Father II
 Harry Ann Landers
 Beer at the Corner Bar
 The Upward Bird
 Cold Night
 A Favor for Don
 Praying Mantis
 Broken Merchandise
 Home Run
 Fooling Marie

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