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  • Mills of Silence
  • by Charles Wilkinson
  • Anybody fortunate enough to have read either of Egaeus Press's previous Charles Wilkinson collections (A Twist in The Eye & Splendid in Ash) will already be familiar with the unique worlds his tales inhabit. On the face of it, these are often recognisable realities populated by ordinary people; conspicuously so perhaps! Yet they are realities whose gossamer veneers are liable to tear, prone to reveal the insidious agencies, mad philosophers, fake-philanthropic organisations and amorphous forces that are really running things!
  • With Mills of Silence, Charles Wilkinson presents a collection of eleven short stories as well as a previously unpublished novella, constituting his most expansive and essential work to date.
  • The full table of contents is as follows:
  • Part I : The Uncertain Staircase      
  •      The Immaterialists      
  •      A Coastal Quest      
  •      The Surrey Alterations      
  •      Beyond the Lace      
  •      These Words, Rising from Stone      
  •      The Private Thinker      
  •      Evening at the Aubergine Café      
  •      To Sharpen, Spin      
  •      Septs      
  •      The Migration of Memories      
  •      The Horseshoe Homes
  • Part II : Mills of Silence
  • The book is a lithographically printed, 256 page hardback with tinted endpapers (from a photograph by Eugène Atget), limited to 325 copies.
  • Published April 10th 2021 by Egaeus Press
  • ISBN: 978-1-838396008.

Sidottu, kovakantinen kirja. Englanninkielinen. Uudenveroinen, lukematon kappale!

Toimitus sisältyy hintaan manner-Suomessa.

Hakusanat: rajoitettu painos, pienkustantamo, weird fiction, Thomas Ligotti, H. P. Lovecraft, Arthur Machen, Algernon Blackwood, Robert Aickman, Reggie Oliver, Tartarus Press, kauhukirjallisuus, kauhu, kumma, uuskumma, litografia, Wales, walesilainen, Iso-Britannia, John Howard, George Berguno, Mark Samuels, Stephen J. Clark, D. P. Watt

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