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Lost but not forgotten Thousands of years passed since the legendary Atlantis sank without a trace. For centuries adventurers tried to find any clue, any evidence of the possible localization of the island, without success. Until now... When Sylvie Leroux discovers an ancient tablet with mysterious writings, she sees a shred of hope to find Atlantis.

A quest for more reliable informations and trails will lead the young archaeologist through desolate regions of the far East, deadly hot deserts and rocky mountains. What begins as a thrilling adventure, quickly becomes a deadly struggle with ruthless competitors, who won’t back before any evil act to beat Sylvie in the race for the biggest archaeological find in the human history...

• Windows XP/Vista/7, DirectX 9
• CPU 2,0 GHz (Dual Core 1,6 Ghz), 512 MB RAM
• Video card Nvidia GeForce or ATI Radeon 64 MB RAM, DirectX 9 compatible
• 4 GB of free HDD
• DVD-ROM, mouse, keyboard, sound card compatible with DirectX standard

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