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* Master of the Occult: As Patrick Galloway, you are armed with arcane magic and a six-shot weapon of forged metal.

* Hell Raised Enemies: Legions of fiends including pack-hunting Howlers and the mind-shattering Inhabitants of Oneiros.

* A tale of Supernatural Horror: Survive five undying quests to unravel the undying curse of the Covenant family.

* Richly detailed Environments: Explore the massive Covenant estate and it’s two parallel universes.

* Superior Firepower: Collect an explosive arsenal, including the Tibetan Cannon and harness magic spells such as the chattering Skull

* Two-Fisted: Fire weapons with one while unleashing with the other. Let Clive Barker, the Prince of Horror, prey on your darkest fears in a game of unparalleled terror.

Minimum System Requirements - Windows 95/98/Me/XP (Home Edition), 400MHz processor, 64Mb ram, 350Mb hard disk space, 8xCd-DVD rom, 16Mb graphics card, Direct 3D glide, DirectX 8.0, Soundcard, Keyboard, Mouse.

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Tuotenumero: PCZ22

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