In the smash hit COCOON, a group of senior citizens proved that you’re never to old for a little adventure. So they set out for the planet Antarea, an alien utopia where people live forever free from sickness and pain. COCOON: THE RETURN welcomes back these homesick travellers as they find more adventure, this time waiting on their own doorstep….in a place called home.

This magical sequel features all the original cast members including Don Ameche, the 1986 Academy Award winner for Best Supporting Actor in COCOON, Wilford Brimley, Steve Guttenberg, Maureen Stapleton, Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy, Gwen Verdon and Jack Gilford. The time is five years later and a special rescue mission brings the adventurous old timers back to earth where they are reunited with their family and friends. After living in peaceful, problem-free Antarea, the gang finds it hard to face such painful human realities as age, illness and personal loss. They use humor, wisdom and love to grapple with their relapse into mortality, and begin to realize that, even with all its frailties, life on Earth may not be so bad after all.

?Ameche, Don
?Brimley, Wilford
?Cox, Courtney
?Cronyn, Hume

?Petrie, Daniel

?McPherson, Stephen
?Saperstein, David

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