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Cycling Manager 4 adds many new features as well as keeping faith with those elements which have made the series so successful : an all-round management game that integrates tactically challenging 3D races in real-time.

At the head of a professional cycling team, you can finally put your own management skills to some stiff tests : organisation and planning of pre-season training camps, rider contracts, budgets, training programmes, setting dates for fitness peaks amongst other things. During a race you have to pace the efforts of your riders; decide race tactics; order an attack; manage breakaways and set up your team's sprinter, while all the time taking into account race terrain and keeping an eye on the opposition !

In its 2004 version, Cycling Manager 4 is far easier to get to grips with, thanks to a simplified career mode and an interface that has been reworked from top to bottom. The game's Artificial Intelligence (AI) has acquired some additional features that increase realism, a feeling strengthened by scenery and weather conditions that recreate race situations (mud on jerseys when it rains, dust on dry cobblestones).

With its database of 1300 riders, over 300 real-time races (including the "Classics" and the major Tours), 3D race sequences plus single and multiplayer modes, you can make way for the sprinters with Cycling Manager 4 from the end of June 2004 !

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