Kuvien elokuva. EI SUOMITEKSTEJÄ! Tekstit englanniksi. Tätä elokuvaa ei ole edes julkaistu Blu-ray:na suomitekstein. Aluekoodi 2 B, eli toimii suomalaisissa Blu-ray soittimissa. 

Death of Nintendo   (Blu-ray)   mukana hieno kohokuvioinen slipcover.

Vinegar Syndrome 

This special limited edition embossed slipcover is limited to 1,100 units.

Altered Innocence has been dedicated to releasing LGBTQ & Coming-of-Age films with an artistic edge since their inception in 2015. With a library of features and shorts from around the world, mixing genre with art-house and everything in between - Altered Innocence is committed to curating an esoteric library that is without peer in the current marketplace. Vinegar Syndrome’s sister company, OCN Distribution, is thrilled to be representing this diverse and unique home video line!

Four friends in 1990s Manila: Paolo, Mimaw, Kachi, and Gilligan - go on a journey of self- discovery together as they play games and wrestle with new dilemmas. A series of earthquakes leading up to Mt. Pinatubo’s historic volcanic eruption has been causing blackouts across the country, preventing the kids from playing their usual escape: video games. After roaming the streets and getting beaten up the three boys decide on traditional circumcision as the ultimate answer to their problems while Mimaw pines for Paolo who is in love with a popular girl. Raya Martin’s debut feature is a colorful tapestry of adolescent angst and retro yearnings that is a true delight.

Valmistusvuosi: 2020

Kesto: 1 h 38 min  

Kuva: Widescreen 1.85:1 HD 1080p

Ääni: Englanti / Filipino- DTS HD MA 5.1

Tekstitys: Englanti, Filipino

Kotelon kansien kieli: Englanti

Alue: 2 (eurooppa)


directed by: Raya Martin
starring: Noel Comia Jr, Kim Chloe Oquendo, Jigger Sementilla, John Vincent Servilla, Moi Bien, Nikki Valdez, Angelina Canapi, Jude Servilla, Elijah Alejo, Cayden Williams, Agot Isidro
2020 / 98 min / 1.85:1 / 5.1 DTS-HD - English & Tagalog

Additional info:
• Region Free Blu-ray
• Theatrical trailer
• Other Trailers
• Language(s): English
• Countries of Origin(s): United States / Philippines
• Subtitles: English & Tagalog

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