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Type : DT9205M
CMOS integrated circuits, the original double-integrating the A / D conversion, automatic zeroing, automatic polarity selection, overrange indication.
LCD screen with high contrast 70x40MM big screen, word up to 25MM. Press the observation position needed, the display screen freely changing the angle of about 70, to obtain the best observation.

With automatic shutdown function, about 15 minutes after boot automatically cut off the power to prevent the instrument after use forgets to turn off the power to repeat the operation of the power switch, you can continue the boot.
New optimized design of highly reliable range / function rotary switch structure. With 32 stalls, avoid misuse.


Power supply 9V, 6F22
Maximum Display 1999
DC Voltage :200mV-1000V ± (0.5% +1)
AC voltage :200mV-750V ± (0.8% +3)
DC Current :20mA-20A ± (0.8% +1)
AC Current :20mA-20A ± (1% +3)
Resistance:200O-2000MO ± (2.5% +3)
Capacitance :2nF-20µF

Crystal diode test:yes
Triode test:yes
Diode test:yes
On-off test:yes
Low battery indication:yes

Package Included :

1 x BEST DT9205M 3 1/2 LCD Digital Multimeter Electrical Meter
1 x Operator's Instruction Manual
1 x Set of test lead

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