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Pocket professional. The NEX-5 has all picture quality of a DSLR, yet it's about half the size, half the weight and far less complex.

The body of the ? NEX-5 is made of magnesium alloy.
The APS-C sized sensor has an ISO sensitivity up to 12800.
The camera software has special features like twilight mode and sweep panorama.
The latter lets the photographer sweep across a city-sky line or similar long view and have the photos automatically stitched into a JPEG image on camera.
The camera produces great video quality. The NEX-5 can shoot in AVCHD 1080/60i HD.

The NEX-5 controls functions and features with a simple turn-and-click Control Wheel and a pair of Soft Keys. These give you easy access to the full power of digital photography. To make learning even easier, Sony includes an On-Screen Help Guide and On-Screen Tips.

Comes with:
- two lenses:
SONY pancake prime 16mm F2,8
SONY zoom 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OSS
- HVL-F7S electronic flash
- flash box
- SD card
- charger
- battery InfoLITHIUM NP-FW50,7.2V
- stripe
- camera bag

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