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Discover Vol. 41, no. 2 March/April 2020
Englanninkielinen lehti, 74 sivua
"Science for the curious"

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Healing with marijuana - weed's surprising impact on dementia & other health issues
Cannabis in the clinic - what marijuana research in humans tells us so far about the drug's benefits and drawbacks

Sivun juttu myös aiheesta 20 things you didn't know about doors - find out what the late Jim Morrison, some spiders and a pit of fire have in common,

When ladies lead: what can we learn
Why everyday sounds drive you crazy
Early humans' burial secrets


High Minded
Slightly stoned mice show marijuana may fight age-related memory loss.
By David H. Freedman

The Lemur and The Lioness
In some mammal species, females lead the pack. What can they teach humans?
By Bridget Alex

Boiling Point
A physicist wants to predict when hate will spill over to violence.
By Steve Nadis

Prowlers in Peril
How a handful of scientists and a vet detective saved the Florida panther.
By Craig Pittman

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