1050 Time of the Dragon

Designed by David "Zeb" Cook

Dragonlance Official Game Accessory, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition

TSR, 1989, 112 + 48 sivua, laatikon kansi kärsinyt, siinä on kulumaa ja kulmia on teippailtu. Kirjat, kartat ja muut erinomaisessa kunnossa, kirjat päällystetty. Kaikki osat tallessa.

When the true gods punished Istar by wreaking the Cataclysm on Krynn, a shower of meteors pounded the continent of Ansalon. Halfway around the world, a similar continent was shattered by a single, enormous meteor. Thousands of square miles of land disappeared beneath a smoking sea of magma which boiled up from beneath the planet's crust. Mountain ranges were toppled, rivers changed course, weather patterns were altered. Survivors were scattered and isolated. The devastation was nearly complete.

Centuries later, the cultures and societies which rise out of the ruins are uniquely shaped by this savage environment. The minotaurs with their eloquent diplomats, elite legions, and gladiatorial contests, are spreading their influence throughout the hemisphere. Wild elves fight territorial wars with humans, kender, and gnomes. Fearsome fire minions rampage around the coasts of the lava ocean while the Followers of Hith seek to dominate the land.

Time of the Dragon includes two information-packed books totalling 160 pages, four poster-size, full-color maps, and 24 individual color plates showing maps, NPCs, and major races.

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