When Euclid (real name Lydian) ventures onto the Random Queries and Idle Speculation bulletin board, she meets Proteus (real name Merle), a self-described misfit who admits to unemployment. Lydian is wary of this impossibility. After all, it is the 29th century and such oddities have been eliminated. But curiousity and a desire to jettison her culturally induced techno-stupor lead Lydian to rendezvous with Merle, igniting an unlikely meeting of the minds-and bodies.

Praise for Exit to Reality

“Forbes explores issues of morality, mortality, sexuality, loneliness, ecology, and bioengineering in this thought-provoking, chilling look at a potential future.  Highly recommended.”
--Library Journal

Exit to Reality is even more compassionate than it is brilliant, and it’s brilliant beyond belief; Forbes throws away every traditional cant about gender and displays our fundamental humanity; and she does so in the best of humors.” 
--Jack Cody, The Off Season

“It will entertain you and make you question everything you thought you knew about life and death.”--Bay Area Reporter

“It is a testament to Forbes’s story-telling abilities that Exit to Reality is so entertaining.  The book not only chills and provokes, it also makes the reader laugh—sometimes out 
loud.”--American Bookseller

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