Electric Apricot: Quest for Festeroo -cd (Hip-O Records), julk. v.2008.

1    –Electric Apricot    Hey Are You Going To Burning Man?    
2    –Electric Apricot    Backroads Of My Mind    
3    –Electric Apricot    Uncle Pete's Party    
4    –Electric Apricot    Sugar Train Blues    
5    –Henry Thomas    Fishing Blues    
6    –Bob Weir    Playing In The Band    
7    –Gov't Mule    Time To Confess    
8    –Jerry Garcia(Grateful Dead) & David Grisman(John Mellencamp)   Shady Grove    
9    –Stiff Dead Cat    Dire Wolf    
10    –Michael Franti & Spearhead*    Everybody Ona Move    
11    –Larry LaLonde    Calling All Sand Worms    
12    –Electric Apricot    Yog Sagoff (Live)

A Les Claypool (PRIMUS) Film Soundtrack National Lampoon Presents Electric Apricot

Line up
Steve Hampton Trouzdale, a.k.a. Aiwass - Bass guitar/Vocals (Adam Gates)
Steven Allan Gordon a.k.a. Gordo - Lead Guitar/Vocals (Bryan Kehoe)
Lapland Miclovich a.k.a. Lapdog - drums/Vocals (Les Claypool)
Herschel Tambor Brillstien - Keyboards/Vocals/Others (Jonathan Korty)

The band all go by pseudonyms and at live shows they do not answer to their real names.

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