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b295 Ensemble PROJECT ARS NOVA Remede de Fortune CD 

New Albion Records 1994; hieman kevyttä pintajälkeä; keskiaika, klassinen

"First off, the quality of the recordings by P.A.N. - all of them - is unsurpassed. Having spent many, many hours now through many years delving into ancient music, I have to say these are the best. A lot of ancient music recordings are of much lesser quality. These bring the music to life.

Second, Shira Kammen. OMG. I have followed Ms Kammen through numerous recordings, both with P.A.N. and with the Boston Camerata. Her lyrical backgrounds and solos are inventive and always add a dimension to the music, that, if not present, probably would not be missed. How many of us know what should be there? Ms Kammen adds melodies which I miss when I hear other recordings of these songs. Third, Laurie Monahan. Again, a beautiful voice which blends with Michael Cullver and then stands on its own. All the P.A.N. recordings are wonderful, and they are sorely missed."

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